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kerry blue terrier or Wheaten Terrier?


I have two kids, 7 and 11 and a big yard. I am looking for a non-shedding dog that fits our family.

I like both Kerry blue and Wheaten terrier but I cannot choose between them.

Can you help me out please.


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    Kerry blues need to be researched by you a bit more I think. They're a breed known to be dog aggressive and should not be owned by anyone not capable and willing to be sure the dog knows who the alpha is.

    Soft coated wheatens are a bit softer natured, though still a terrier, you might find them easier to manage. They would still need training of course, but the wheatens I've known were playful, friendly (towards people) dogs who were fun to have around.

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    I had two Wheaten's growing up and they're GREAT dogs. They're really smart and sweet, very trainable and cute. They're not too big and not too small and they live a long time (Corky lived til 14 and Ruby til 13). They're non-allergenic and non shedding and I loved both my dogs very much as I grew up. I don't know much about the Kerry Blue dogs, but Wheatens are good dogs.

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    They are different breeds. Although they may both be terriers, they may have one time been bred to each other in the earlier times to whichever one came first to perfect the breed.

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    Honey..there's NO SUCH THING!!!

    ***ALL DOGS SHED!!!****

    *ALL* dogs shed!!

    Anybody that tries to tell you different is a LIAR or a FOOL ...or BOTH!

    As for the 2 you mention...both REQUIRE ***LOTZ*** of grooming!! Are VERY active. Kerries can be cranky & Wheaties are so...."blonde"....as in DUMB blonde!!

    Have you ACTUALLY ***MET*** either one??? You *NEED* to! Go to SHOWS!!!

    BTW,you've neglected the FAR BETTER choice than either of those...BORDER TERRIER!!!! *NOT* the collie!!! Smaller,"happier",WAY easier to groom....

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    i would choose the kerry blue terrior but thats my opinion but i would take the kids and let them choose but there both great dogs

  • Nora G
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    take the kids to the dogs and let them choose. either the kids choose the dogs or let the dogs choose the kids.

    good luck

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