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Gibu asked in Business & FinanceCorporations · 1 decade ago

Does anyone know where i can find info on Wal-Mart stores such organization chart, structure, span of control?

I am looking for information about organizing/staffing at WalMart.

since i can't find necessary info on, can anyone give me an idea what i can do.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ask a reference librarian, esp. one that specializes in business. There's a reference book (Hoovers? or Dun & Bradstreet) that may help you. Their annual stock report may also have info. Here'a list of their officers that I found in EBSCO (thru my local library's online database):

    Robson S Walton - Chairman of the Board

    Mr John Ryan - President

    Mr Carter Cast - President

    Lee H Scott Jr - President; Chief Executive Officer

    Mr Dave Ferguson - President; Chief Executive Officer

    Mr Lawrence V Jackson V - President; Chief Executive Officer

    Mr Eduardo Castro-Wright - President; Chief Executive Officer

    Mr David D Glass - Chairman; Operations Manager

    Mr Michael T Duke - Vice Chairman; International Manager

    Mr John B Menzer - Vice Chairman

    Mr Mark Goodman - Corporate Secretary

    Mr Thomas D Hyde - Corporate Secretary; Executive Vice President

    Mr Robert K Rhoads - Corporate Secretary; Senior Vice President

    Mr Greg Johnston - Executive Vice President; Operations Manager

    Mr David Dible - Executive Vice President

    Mr Greg Spragg - Executive Vice President

    Mr Coleman Peterson - Executive Vice President

    Pat Curran - Executive Vice President; Operations Manager

    Mr James A Walker Jr - Senior Vice President; Controller

    Mr Charles Holley - Senior Vice President; Finance Manager

    Mr Paul V Higham V - Senior Vice President; Marketing Manager

    Ms Lois Mikita - Senior Vice President

    Mr Marc Rosen - Senior Vice President

    Mr Randall Mott - Senior Vice President; Systems Analyst

    Mr Charles Rateliff - Senior Vice President

    Ms Julie Roehm - Senior Vice President; Marketing Manager

    Tony Puckett - Vice President

    Ms Carol Schumacher - Vice President

    Mr Tom Mars - Vice President; Corporate Counsel

    Mr Ken Gish - Vice President

    Mr Jeff Amos - Vice President

    Ms Carol Basnaw - Vice President

    Mr Charlie McMurtry - Vice President

    Ms Pauline Tureman - Public Relations Manager

    Mr Thomas M Schoewe - Chief Financial Officer; Executive Vice President

    Wan L Martello - Chief Financial Officer; Operations Manager

    J J Fitzsimmons - Treasurer; Senior Vice President

    Ms Terri Bertschy - Treasurer; Vice President

    Mr Bill Simon - Service Manager

    Ms Sallie Stroud - Corporate Counsel

    Ms Linda Dillman - Administrator

    Mr Rollin Ford - Chief Information Officer

    Perry Johnson - Director

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    This might help you. I found the link at the bottom of, and there are several options. Hope it's what you need.

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