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What are the names and dates for the White house Press Secretary's for the last 10 years.?

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    List of Press Secretaries Year(s) Name President

    2006–present Tony Snow George W. Bush

    2003–2006 Scott McClellan George W. Bush

    2001–2003 Ari Fleischer George W. Bush

    2000–2001 Jake Siewert Bill Clinton

    1998–2000 Joe Lockhart Bill Clinton

    1994–1998 Mike McCurry Bill Clinton

    1993–1994 Dee Dee Myers Bill Clinton

    1989–1993 Marlin Fitzwater George H. W. Bush

    1987–1989 Marlin Fitzwater† Ronald Reagan

    1981–1987 Larry Speakes† Ronald Reagan

    1981–1989 James Brady‡ Ronald Reagan

    1977–1981 Jody Powell Jimmy Carter

    1974–1977 Ron Nessen Gerald Ford

    1974 Jerald terHorst Gerald Ford

    1969–1974 Ron Ziegler Richard Nixon

    1967–1969 George Christian Lyndon B. Johnson

    1965–1966 Bill Moyers Lyndon B. Johnson

    1964–1965 George Reedy Lyndon B. Johnson

    1961–1964 Pierre Salinger Lyndon B. Johnson

    John F. Kennedy

    1953–1961 James C. Hagerty Dwight D. Eisenhower

    1952–1953 Roger Tubby Harry S. Truman

    1950–1952 Joseph Short Harry S. Truman

    1950 Stephen Early Harry S. Truman

    1945–1950 Charles G. Ross Harry S. Truman

    1945 Jonathan W. Daniels Harry S. Truman

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    1945 J. Leonard Reinsch Franklin D. Roosevelt

    1937–1945 Stephen Early Franklin D. Roosevelt

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