how dare rush make fun of Michael fox. does he know amyone personally who had Parkinson's?

parkinsone sufferers do worse than fox did when their meds are off. without medication some patients look just like rush

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    It's unbelievable what a callous, uninformed idiot Rush Limbaugh is. My aunt had the same variant of Parkinson's that Michael J Fox has. She had a severe case of athetosis ( writhing movements), which was extremely difficult to treat, and was never without some degree of aberrant movement. Constantly moving was very exhausting for her, she had problems chewing, drinking, swallowing, and speaking. Like Fox, the onset of her Parkinson's was many years before the writhing started, but once it did, she continued to get worse and worse. Stem cell therapy is the only hope for these patients, as the drugs lose effectiveness eventually.

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    Actually i do know some and I do think that J fox was exaggerating. Either that or he deliberately came of his meds with is just as bad. All that said Rush's comments were idiotic.

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    Actually, Rush said that either he came off his meds or was acting. He apologized for the acting comment. MJF himself stated in his last book that he came off his meds before speaking to Congress to show them the full effects of his disease. So Rush's comment really wasn't that far off the mark. I don't see any big deal for MJF to come off his meds for a sympathy vote.....and I don't see any big deal for Rush to point it out.

    If we don't care that MJF is doing this to show the true side of the disease, then we also shouldn't care that someone is pointing it out.

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    Rush has no room to talk about anyone, he is a druggie number 1 and a real as*s hole #2!

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