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what are the critical components to be a good advertisemets

what are the critical components to be a good advertisemets???


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  • 1 decade ago
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    In my opinion, the critical components of a good ad are the following:

    (1) the message (descriptive part) needs to be short and succinct [that is, you need to get points and get TO the points]

    (2) some eye-catching gimmicks or images (but not obscene or offensive one!)

    (3) In some case, a wonder song or melody will help too.

    But just a little sidenote, I found in recent years, the advisements in HK are getting increasingly tedious and bad. It is because the characters in the advertisment do so much talking. If an advertisment is good, it doens't have to have alot of talking. IF you want to impress your audience, talking is not the only means, you can use some sort of audiovisual effect or leave a brief and yet profound hidden message for your audience to think about!!!

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