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點解 hour 一字個 h 唔發音

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    hourc.1250, from O.Fr. hore "one-twelfth of a day" (sunrise to sunset), from L. hora "hour, time, season," from Gk. hora "any limited time," used of day, hour, season, year; cognate with O.C.S. jaru "spring," Avestan jare "year," L. hornus "of this year," Goth. jer, O.E. gear "year." Greeks borrowed the notion of dividing the day into hours from the Babylonians, but the Babylonian hour was one-twelfth of the whole day and thus twice as long as a modern hour. The Greeks divided only the period of light into 12 parts, and the Romans adopted the system from them. Night was not similarly divided till much later, and thus the period of time covered by an hour varied according to the season. In 16c. distinction sometimes was made between temporary (unequal) hours and sidereal (equal) ones. The h- has persisted in this word despite not being pronounced since Roman times. Replaced O.E. tid, lit. "time," and stund "period of time." Hourglass is from 1515.http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=hour

    這個字源於法文的 heure, 個 h 也是不發音。

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    Because of it is a silent sound.

    Some words like ' high '

    g&h are silent

    ' through ' is almost the same.

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    因為h後面跟的 o 是響音

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