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Film Review 講幫忙介紹一套英文片!

the review must include:

the name of your chosen film

the name of actors in the starring roles

the total running time of the film

an overview of the plot

your personal review including a rating out of ten


in english.


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    珊迪娜布洛(Sandra Bullock), 當哲杜(Don Cheadle), 麥迪倫(Matt Dillon), 珍妮花艾絲普思杜(Jennifer Esposito)

    113 minutes

    Plot Synopsis: For two days in Los Angeles, a racially and economically diverse group of people pursue lives that collide with one another in unexpected ways. These interactions are always interesting, and sometimes quite unsettling. The film explores and challenges your ability to judge books by their covers. (Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000A3XY5A/102-33... (I think you'll be able to write your own after seeing the movie)

    My comment and rating:

    9 out of 10



    由於CRASH只是近期才在香港公演,在看Oscar時首次聽到CRASH的名字時,實在想不通Brokeback Mountain這套以極富爭議性題材的電影居然會輸給一套名不經轉的電影下。


    或者CRASH的拍攝技巧和電影整體的處理並比不上Brokeback Mountain來得細緻;但以題材為論,個人認為CRASH帶出在美國的種族歧視、槍械問題是更能對社會產生衝擊力和共嗚。





    I am not sure whether you want it in English or Chinese. Anyway, I guess it would be a good reference point for you. Please browse the following reference link for my original posting on Yahoo! Movie.

    2006-10-27 01:25:29 補充:

    CRASH movie homepage - http://www.crashfilm.com/

    Source(s): My own movie review posted on Yahoo! - http://hk.movies.yahoo.com/060621/28/1p1g3-rep.htm...
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    未來戰士1 , 未來戰士2 , 未來戰士3 。

    Source(s): 個人經驗
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