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我想問"sacred baroque music"其實係咩黎架??

我想問"sacred baroque music"其實係咩黎架??


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    Sacred Baroque music is music performed or composed for religious use in the Baroque period. There are a few types of sacred music.

    - oratorio 宗教劇

    musical composition for voices and orchestra, telling a sacred story without costumes, scenery, or dramatic action

    eg. Handel Messiah

    - cantata 清唱劇

    vocal composition accompanied by instruments, containing more than one movement.

    eg. Bach “Be still, stop chattering”

    - mass

    choral composition that sets the fixed portions of the Eucharistic liturgy to music. Masses can be for the human voice alone, or they can be accompanied by instrumental obbligatos up to and including a full orchestra. Generally contains six sections

    1. Kyrie

    2. Gloria

    3. Credo

    4. Sanctus


    6. Agnus Dei

    eg. Bach Mass in B minor

    - Gregorian chant

    The traditional music for Latin texts in the worship of the Roman Catholic Church. Gregorian chant is marked by performance in unison and by free-flowing rhythms that follow the phrasing of the text. The chants often call for one syllable to be sung across several notes.

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