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想搵一D關於謝師/敬師o既english poem~

如題~~plz help!!!!>.

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    I love my teacher -- by Ferret Girl

    I love my teacher

    He is full of life

    I love my teacher

    He doesn't cause any strife

    I love my teacher

    For he is full of light

    I love my teacher

    He is always bright

    I love my teacher

    For he doesn't get in a fight

    And, I love my teacher

    For he tells me to look on the side that's bright

    To Every Student -- by Gloria Celiant

    In every school, to every studentthere's a special teacher.

    To every teacher, to every student

    there's a special bond.

    To every bond to every moment

    There's a special time that we'll think

    back and say to ourself's "That teacher

    really cared!"

    If you know that teacher cares

    you're life will brighten up.

    Cause now you know that

    if you fall, that same special teacher

    Will come and help you up.

    Sonnet: The Teacher-- by Dr. John Celes

    The Teacher isn’t a source of mere knowledge;

    Neither is he a passive transmitter;

    He frees the creative bird from the hedge,

    And makes his students face their lives fitter.

    The Teacher helps the student’s mind to grow,

    In optimal a way, that’s possible;

    The students needn’t the Teacher’s line just tow;

    Curiosity that’s born is sensible.

    His teaching methods must well suit young minds;

    The doubts of students must be respected;

    By introspection, every student finds

    His strengths and weaknesses/ what’s expected?

    Well, Teachers remove society’s evils,

    Harnessing creativity of pupils.

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