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Frank asked in 健康疾病與處置癌症 · 1 decade ago






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    To Yonsei University — Cancer Center it may concern:    Dear Sirs, the big news from your unique global and successful research about the new therapy developed by the team from Yonsei University— Cancer Center uses a genetically-engineered form of the adenovirus, which normally causes colds. Following three rounds of injections, more than 90 percent of cancer cells in the brains, liver, lungs and womb of mice disappeared within 60 days.   I am a Taiwanese, (男? 女? 幾歲?), diagnosed with Melanoma for 2 years, I had received radical surgery on original lesion of left lower limb and also extracted the lymph nodes of groin and pelvic areas (metastatic LN). In the past 2 years, I had suffered from 3 times of operation and one year therapy ofInterferon. However, the tumor has recurred again and again, there is no improvement was noted. For the possibility of free my suffering, I would like to request your permission to participate your clinical experimentation in voluntarily.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to evaluate my requirement. I look forward to your early reply. Yours truly, 龍哥 

    2006-10-27 08:42:21 補充:

    第ㄧ句" To Yonsei University — Cancer Center it may concern:"

    還是改成 "To whom it may concern:" 就可以了 謝謝!

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