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Mike has a crush on his classmate Carol; He is wondering what she is up to this weekend. He sees her sitting on the bench and decides to ask her out. First, he asks her to join him for a steak dinner. Then, he remembers that she is a vegetarian.

請幫我接下去...一整ㄍ就是想不到ㄌ....200字內 不需要用太難ㄉ字



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    這個題目好有趣ㄛ. 我先幫你順一下再接.

    Mike had a crush on his classmate Carol. On the break, he saw Carol sitting on the bench; he was hesitating whether he should approach her and ask her out on the coming weekend. "What if she is not available?" Mike thought. Then he said to himself, "Well, be brave, just go ahead and ask. If she is busy this weekend, I can ask her to go out for another weekend." Mike walked towards Carol. Carol saw him now, and she had a warm smile on her face. Mike was encouraged. "Hi, Carol." He said to Carol. Carol said, "Hello Mike, how are you doing today?" Mike said, “not bad, sunny sky make me happy!' Carol said, "Yes, I am enjoying it too." Mike asked,” Carol, do you have any plan on this coming weekend?" Carol said, "Well, not really. Most probably I will just stay home and read." Mike said, "Would you like to go out with me for a movie then?" Carol smiled. She looked at Mike, and said,” Okay, that will be lovely." Mike was so happy! He said to Carol, "Wow, it's wonderful! I know a place on the Ave that their Rib-eye stake is delicious, why don't we have dinner there before movie." Suddenly, Mike remembered that Carol is a Vegetarian. He said again,"oops, it slipped my mind that you are a vegetarian! Let us go to the 'Flower Shop' for vegetarian buffet instead." He looked at Carol. Carol had the warm smile again on her face. "Okay, I like that. You can pick me up at seven o'clock." Mike was so happy. It had been very smooth. He said goodbye to Carol and went to his next class. That night, Mike had a beautiful dream of a white wedding....

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