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what's your take on Mike Dewine in Ohio?

Will Mike Dewine win over Brown? Why are Bush ane Chaney pushing Dewine so much?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm a Dem from Ohio. I have to admit I've been yellow-dogging it for awhile now but there was a fine time when elections were really elections and you could just vote for the best man and expect him to win and actually work for the people. And I will say there was a time I had actually voted for Mike DeWine. That being said I don't believe that Mike DeWine is a terrible guy. He just wears the badge of his dispicable party and is now the baby being thrown out with the bath water. Personally I haven't voted for anyone except a solid Dem for years and don't plan on it this year either. But I do feel a little sad for him because I think he's basically honest, hard-working and has some soul left. But Ohio cannot afford go on as they have. Literally cannot afford it. This state has been robbed blind and mismanaged for years and it's finally "trickled up" to people who are not used to any kind of hardship. It's become a problem for everyone. So Dems are very solid here. And Mike DeWine is suffering for it. And really Sherrod Brown is a decent hardworking guy as well so it's an easy choice. Although I get much more satisfaction from throwing real trash out of office. Like I really cannot wait to hand Ken Blackwell's *** to him. And him being as corrupt and deviant as he is with his corrupt associations with Diebold etc. People in Ohio are just not going to give him the opprtunity to sway things that a close election could give him. He's being unambiguously rejected here.

  • 1 decade ago

    YES! Because Ohio is a very important state for the Republicans to maintain control of the House and Senate!

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