SMALL wedding and CHEAP ring ....... I DON'T CARE!!! Do you????

Who out there is not going for the whole traditional, elegant wedding?

And who doesn't care about an expensive diamond ring?

It seems that every female out there wants a HUGE WEDDING.

They would start planning it even at 12 years old.

I was never one of those girls.

I could care less about my wedding.

All I want is a nice dress because I'm just not a dress girl. I just want one for my wedding.

I even hear people complaining about how much work it is to plan a wedding and how it has to be PERFECT or they'll just break down in tears. I mean, come on. It's only for a few hours. LOL.

Sometimes I just feel like having a Justice of the Peace wedding. But I atleast want my parents there. So a tiny a.s.s. wedding will do.

And about the ring... I don't care about jewelry either. I don't even trust myself with expensive crap. Because I'm pretty rough hehe.

From what people say, my boyfriend has it pretty good.



And oh yes.

I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on one night.

I say... put that money on a new house instead!!

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    Kelly, you and my daughter should get together. She felt the same way. She wanted to really elope. The groom wanted the wedding. I think it's unreal the wants and must haves these brides demand. That's why I am a retired wedding planner. Too much drama for a simple girl like me. My daughter's ring isn't even real. She refused to let him pay a fortune for a ring, because she's like you. She's a tough little cookie, who likes to tinker, work in the yard, and she will try anything. So, they found a ring that was perfect for her. No one knows it's not a real quality diamond, but she feels better knowing if she lost it, she wasn't losing a chunk of money. She wanted a home, furnishing, and a washer and dryer more than the flowers, dress, and big fancy dinner.

    She did go along with a wedding, small one about 50 guests, a bbq picnic style buffet, and it was done underneath 2 beautiful trees. She budgeted(thank you, baby girl) she didn't have to have the finest, she and I made her flowers, we did the food, and the rest of the money that we gave her, she pocketed. She bought furniture, her washer and dryer, and decorated their home with it. There couldn't have been a more beautiful wedding.

    Kelly, I think you sound like a great young woman, and I agree your boyfriend does have it good! He better hold on tight to you, because there aren't many like you!

    God bless us all............

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    You must be from a foreign country or something...

    But seriously - I feel the same about the whole wedding thing. Although, I *am* from a different country, and moved to the US as an adult. My main requirement for my wedding was that it had to be *fun*. And it was. We had an informal wedding at a Renaissance faire, pirate-themed. We had a pirate minister, period music, and a blackpowder cannon salute afterwards. Then, a night of rum and revelry. Everyone had a blast! I would do it all over again. I didn't have a wedding "party", the brocade medieval gown cost me $100, the rings were plain gold bands (I wanted the exact ones that my parents wear, and this was what we got); the whole thing cost us barely $500, and it just kinda came together; there was no stressful planning, everyone pitched in with setting up the wedding awning, friends did my hair and make-up 20 minutes before the ceremony, the no-fuss cake and some deli trays came from a nearby store; it was just awesome.

    We did have a nice honeymoon, a 10-day Caribbean cruise. But it still cost us only half of what a "real" wedding would cost. We have the money, it's just neither of us felt it was important to dump a whole bunch of it on an expensive wedding. We did what we felt would be most enjoyable.

  • Joyce
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    5 years ago

    I'd Rather Have A Real Diamond Even If It Was Small. Because If Someone Asked Me About My Big Fake Ring It'd Feel A Bit Scabby. Them : "Wow. What Carat Is That?" Me : "Oh, It's Fake" See What I Mean. My Engagement Ring Is VERY Similar To The 2nd Link. Although It's One Diamond In The Middle Instead Of 4 & It's Only A Single Band. But It Has The Same Kind Of Detail Underneath As The 1st Link & Has The Diamond Underneath. We Bought Mine On Sale. Originally It Was $2,500. But We Got It On Sale For $1,750. I Still Thought That Was Too Much, But My Fiance Insisted & Said He'd Come Back Without Me To Get It.

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    I did the big wedding thing the first time around, and while it was fun, it was a lot of planning and much of the meaning was lost in the doing the things that you are "supposed" to do at your wedding and reception.

    Next time around I plan on using my original wedding ring (which is important because it has my Mom's diamond and she passed away when I was young- maybe I'll have it reset) and keeping everything except the photographer and bar bill scaled back. I don't need a limo, I don't need a big deal dress. I don't need (or want) every relative I have on the face of the planet to come. I think you have the right idea sweetie and your bank account will be much better off as well. Good luck

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    I felt exactly the way you do. That's why my wedding was so inexpensive and still elegant. I'm fortunate enough to have sisters and friends that could provide services, such as cooking, hairstyling, sewing, serving, dj-ing, decorating, and so forth. If not for these people I would not have had such a nice wedding. Our dresses were bought at a huge discount, and not even actual wedding/bridesmaids, either. Just something that looked real nice, in my favorite color. One sister took them in for us.

    I bought food a little at a time and even bought some grocery gift cards for last minute things when I was pretty sure I was going to be low on money. I cooked the food myself and froze a lot of it and I even had an Oriental co-worker who was kind enough to donate some egg rolls. Our rings cost under $400 together and I picked mine out myself so I know I'll want to wear it the rest of my life. We did some searching. Good luck to you. Have the wedding you want and don't give in to any pressure to have it any different. God bless.

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    Sounds like you have a good attitude. It is possible to have an inexpensive wedding with plenty of guests (I did. You just have to do your own research to find affordable food, hall, etc.), but if you just want a very small group go ahead. The "ideal" weddings pushed by magazines and wedding planners are bound to be disappointing. It is impossible for everything to be "perfect" in that context. Even if it were, it wouldn't make the marriage better. The marriage itself is important; the window dressings are not.

    As a wedding guest, I have been most disappointed at big elaborate expensive weddings and had the most fun at simple celebrations. Don't let others expectations determine what you do. Choose a marriage ceremony that will make you and your boyfriend happy. As long as the two of you are happy, others desires for this event are not important

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    You are AWESOME!

    You know what sounds perfect for you? Something different! You should do a small backyard wedding that is potluck - everyone brings a dish.... and a gift! LOL!

    That way....

    1. You don't spend any money at all, except for the person performing the ceremony, which isn't really much.

    2. You get your family there.

    3. You get a fun time!

    4. You don't have to plan anything.

    Set up a barbeque and have a good time!

    Good luck!


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    1 decade ago

    As a wedding planner I have seen the big fancy weddings and the smaller ceremonies as well (I can tell you I prefer the smaller wedding atmosphere, it is generally more friendly). Generally whichever way the couple went they were happy.... meaning what fits one person will not always fit another.

    For myself and my fiance' we want to have more than a JP ceremony, but only a little. We are planning a smaller wedding (I cant say small because neither of us have extremely small families) with a smaller reception. We arent "going all out" by having it at a huge chapel or a big hotel.... we are having it at a small chapel on a local college campus and the reception to follow at the local community center. We live in a small simple town, we are simplistic in taste and it fits us well. Will we be spending the "average"? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    As for the ring... I didnt want a big diamond either, but he wanted to get me SOMETHING so we went together and chose my engagement ring.... a 5mm heart-shaped pure aquamarine with 2 very small garnet chips to either side (our birthstones). I wouldnt trade it for anything and it didnt cost an arm and a leg.

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    I am so proud of you for your attitude about everything, and I strongly agree with your idea of putting the majority of your money into a home. After all, this is someplace where you will spend the majority of your life and where you will conceive your children and bring them home to as newborns, and raise them with the swingset in the back yard and the toys strewn about the living room floor......if there were any way to even purchase a house before your wedding and then have your reception or a party there at your home...that would be very special. You could have your bridesmaid or maid of honor or your mom or other family members plant little bugs in the ears of guests who would be buying gifts for your wedding that you would rather have money to put down on your dream house, or items specifically for the house. There is nothing wrong with that.

    Good Luck!!!

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    My engagment ring is a 3/4 carat purple sapphire set in a sterling ring and my wedding band cost $9. I did have 125 people at the wedding but we did it pretty inexpensive.

    It sounds to me like a destination wedding might be good for you. Your parents and his parents and close friends can come. You won't have to pay for a reception if you go to an all-inclusive resort. You and your husband can stay for a few extra days after everyone goes home or move to a different resort so you feel like you have a separate honeymoon.

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