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where can i go to complain about undelivered purchase?

purchased goods online from a company that sells paintball goods. promised me 2 weeks delivery time. its been 2 months yet i havnt received anything. sent countless emails already. they even gave me a USPS tracking number after a month of wait just to make me expect that the goods were coming. guess what.... no goods yet. a forum that i went to are full of complaints with their service. what can i do to get my money back or even more, get back at these fools?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Definitely contact the USPS, and do it by phone with a real person, not an online thing. Was the package insured? If it was, I think the USPS is responsible for refunding you some money to replace the items.

    Also, the Better Business Bureau has an offshoot called the Bad Business Bureau that you can leave feedback with. And there's another one called Ripoff something. I don't remember the full name, sorry. Also, check if the company that you ordered it from possibly has a parent company that you can file a complaint with.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    On may 17, 2014 I bought one Ray Ban and one Hollister Sweater by CHAMA IMPORTS....I did not receive the items yet......I did a search in Post Office in Brazil and USPS and they tell that the items are returned to the seller......

    The problem is that we are many, many, many people with the same, exactly the same tracking number........Mine is LZ198771825US ....

    I think that the seller is using this fraude to take all the buyers to loose their precious Money.....I think the seller is practicing an ecommerce crime..... Please, i am asking someone to help us.....No one knows how to prevent new bad purchases...

  • 1 decade ago

    email USPS and say you havnt recieved your package. explain to them what happened and how long you've been waiting. maybe they lost it somewhere or something. have you tried the USPS number yet?

  • 1 decade ago

    what does the tracking number say ? is it in transit ? was it delivered ? if so when ? if it did arrive someone had to have signed it from within the house...

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