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How many illegal aliens actually try to do things the legal way before coming here illegally?

I have seen some people here say that it can take 20 years (which I am a little skeptical about) to get a green card or whatever. Do you think a lot of them try to become legal and get tired of waiting? Or do they just say "Screw the law. I don't have time for that,"?

Also, would you be okay with amnesty for people who actually applied and deport all of those who didn't? Or are you against all amnesty?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    did u know that if ur in mexico....and u want to get to this country legally, you can only get permission if u have a good economical position, if ur poor u have no freaking chance...thats why they hop the border....its impossible to get to this country legally if ur poor, the system doesn't work that way

  • 1 decade ago

    I cant tell you how many illegal immigrants try coming legally but I can comment on how long it takes. I have known and know families for whom it has taken up to 14 or 15 years to do. For some of them, it took so long that by the time their appointment came up for approval, their children were now adults and didnt qualify!! How many children and families do you suppose would starve to death if they waited the 15 years it could take to be approved?? Would you wait?? BTW, I am all for amnesty or a work program that will allow people who are here and who have proven to be upstanding and loyal to continue here legally, paying taxes and receiving the rights and privilages we as Americans get. Another thing, if our welfare screening system didnt suck so hard or if we had a way of investigating the SS# given at the time of application, wouldnt we then figure out these people were illegal and therefore deny benefits??!! Why are we blaming them for accepting what we give them all because our system and welfare dept is incompetent??!!

  • Beejee
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Their huge numbers probably make it hard, if not impossible to determine their total. (And I find it MORE than a little hard to believe that twenty year business!).

    I not only feel sorry for those who have made an effort to 'do it legally' but for All those everywhere who have a bad life wherever they live. But that doesn't mean we have a responsibility to take care of them. And there is the matter of law. Outlaws are usually punished. The nearest thing to punishment we serve up in this case is 'sending people home', hardly inhumane.

    All of this considered it seems to me that a well-patrolled border is required - whatEVER is required to stem the tsunami of illegals washing into our country.

    A MORATORIUM regarding those already here untill the influx is under control would be better than ignoring the constant new arrivals. Amnesty would be an insult, unfair to those who go through the red tape of legal entry.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is very hard to go to the USA from Mexico legally, even if you have a good economic, or at least decent economic situation, but if you are poor, it can be said, it is impossible. Now, I think the biggest issue would be the lack of memory Americans seem to have. The USA government has enforced laws, were immigrants would get their citizenship immediately if they enlisted in the army, and went to war, with basically no training. Those aliens, as you choose to call them, have died for your country. And the lucky ones that made it back, were not only not accepted as US citizens, they, their children, and grand children are continuously being discriminated. And as a conclusion, have you heard about all the crops (oranges, for example) in several states in the USA, that are being wasted because there is no one to pick them up, when there are thousands of people in the world, but also in the USA that are starving?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Agold, they call them aliens because the definition of alien is something out of place, not belonging, it doesn't mean little green men. If I vacation in Mexico, I would be alien to that country, it’s not an insult, its common language. And although we might not be the only country, we are one of the few people are dieing to get into. Believe it or not, like it or not, there is more opportunity here then anywhere else.

    As for trying to come here legally, I don’t think they try. I don’t think they try because it’s almost impossible to get here legally from Mexico, at least to live and work. This is what I was told from a person who ran a human services department at a large factory.

    Personally I think we should have spent the Billions from Iraq on cleaning up Mexico. Why not make that a country people want to stay in, rather than flee?

  • 1 decade ago

    actually i happen to know alot about this subject.. people!!! not aliens that come into the us illegally arent given a chance to come in legally. and if they do.. its only to work!! something that many people here dont do. they have to work the dirty jobs that no one else wants to work and get paid very very little. many people cant wait either... other countries have problems that we dont.. like haveing food to eat everyday. the illegal you called them only want a chance for their family to survive. how many of those illigal aliens do you see in jail or out breaking the law. think about that and then think about amnesty. i think that they should have amnesty because we believe in justice for all... why should it exclude them... after all they are human too.

  • 1 decade ago

    well people in south of the united states that have money will maybe get the green card or visa ( a kind of a passaport) to get in the country and work safely without getting deported but the poor people just cross the border to work and get money for their families at home and risk their lives of being deported and never return the next five to ten years into the country

  • 1 decade ago

    I know alot of them try to do it the right way first(I'm married to one),but it cost thousands af dollars that most don't have.I think if they would make it cheaper to get legal we would not have a immigration problem today.It don't take no 20years by the way, it does take time but not 20 years mabey 2-3 years at the most.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm against amnesty in any form. My ancestors did the long legal

    wait Deportation of all illegals is the only way to go American tax

    dollars should go to all citizens of this country.. .

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lady, there is no excuse to break another country's law! No country has to let anyone into their country!

    No country will allow a person with a police record, drug issues, illness or no way to support themselves to immigrate.

    Worse, if you break the law to get in!

    Illegal come here with the intent of breaking our laws!

    Sneak, enter without permission - illegal

    obtain social security card with fraudulent documentation

    obtain drivers license with fraudulent documentation

    Enroll children in school with fraudulent documentation

    Open Bank Account with fraudulent documentation

    Apply for social help with fraudulent documentation

    Vote with fraudulent documentation

    Obtain government positions with fraudulent documentation.

    Any services obtained are paid for by US Citizens Taxes to which they have no right.

    Using fraudulent documentation is a Federal Offense.

    Maybe I should immigrate into your bedroom without your say!

    Throw them all out!

    Married to a Korean, Adopted a Vietnamese, Children born and raised in Germany, black American - entire family US Citizens!

    No one had to wait one year.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No one's against them trying to become legal. What we're against is them trying to get BENEFITS while their illegal, demanding them and the right to vote and many other rights that tax payers have earned.

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