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How are Glaciers formed along with mountains? Tell me all the information for them please?

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    1 decade ago
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    A glacier is a moving river of ice. Glaciers are made high in the mountain areas. The weather up there is so extreme that the snow doesn't melt all the way! Up in the mountains it can snow even in the summer. Snow falls as tiny flakes. Each snowflake has its own pattern. As the snow settles, the ends of the snowflakes get pressed together, just like when you make a snowball. The snowflakes become rounded and smoother. Then they lose their shapes and the air gets squeezed out. As new snow falls the old snow gets packed down. Eventually the snow becomes rounded ice crystals. Every winter the ice grows into millions of interlocking ice crystals. The shapes create a mass of solid ice. The melting and refreezing ice and the chipping away of the rocks make a large area to sit. As the ice grows it gets fatter and weighs more.

    Mountains are formed by slow but gigantic movements of the earth's crust.

    Sometimes the crust has folded and buckled, sometimes it breaks into huge blocks. In both cases, great areas of land are lifted upwards to form mountains. Other mountains are formed by the earth's crust rising into a dome, or by volcanic activity when the crust cracks open.

    Volcanic mountains like Mt. St. Helens in the USA, or Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, may rise from the surrounding land in isolated splendour. Others form part of huge ranges like the European Alps or the Himalayas of Asia. The world’s highest mountain is Mt. Everest, located on the border between Nepal and China, it is just over 29,000 feet high (8,848m).

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    4 years ago

    Mountains are formed by way of tectonic upwellings, the place the floor is compelled upwards in a fracture, and are formed hrough tectonic and infrequently volcanic forces. particularly previous mountains like the Ozarks are worn down by way of geologic time- hundreds of thousands of years have shortened and smoothed the surfaces of the mountains, bearing in mind the graceful shape and plant existence. extra recent mountains such because of the fact the Rockies are nevertheless barren, tall and sharp edged. Glaciers do no longer make mountains, even nevertheless they are in a position to shape them by way of erosion because of the fact the glacier strikes over, by way of and around them. As glaciers soften, they bypass away the rock and soil they %. up- it is how the hills, Islands, morains, drumlins and eskers have been created interior the Boston area, besides as Cape Cod and long island. The Rockies have been formed by way of tectonic plates assembly and the earth being compelled upwards irregularly. The foothills of the rockies themselves have been formed by way of glaciers in many places. Glaciers artwork particularly without delay (some thousand years, contained regarding new England) to regulate the panorama. Edit: tectonic and volcanic interest bypass hand-in-hand. Volcanic interest occurs as area of the tectonic forces. The pacific rim, or 'ring of fireplace' is a sturdy occasion.

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    ok ive been to antarctica and i asked about this one lots of them are leftover from the ice age lots of snow building up between mountains on the sides of hills good site to look at is

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