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In the 1900's did the Jewish people go to Israel and set up settlments prior to WW2?

I am also trying to find out who drew first blood in the Israel Palitine conflict.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes. Jewish immigration to Palestine spiked a few times before WW2. The Zionist movement began around 1898, when the Ottoman Turks welcomed the Jews. Immigration spiked again in 1917, when the Brits issued the Balfour Declaration. And a third time, when the Nuremberg Race Laws were passed.

    As for who drew first blood, the Arabs reacted violently to the Jewish immigration, starting three race riots in 1920-21, 1929, and 1936-39.

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    I don't think you'll ever get a solid answer to who drew first blood. Too many different accounts and opinions.

    As for the first question, absolutely. Jewish settlers were moving into Palestine long before WW2. Groups would buy land and set up enclaves and live there quite peaceably. This process was accelerated during the mandate period (starting in 1923) as the British government encoruaged movement of Jewish communities to Israel. Zionism, the idea that the Jewish people should have their own country in Palestine, had many high level supporters in the British government, including the Foreign Minister. Hundreds of thousands of Jews moved into Palestine before the 1940's, but it doesn't compare to the movement after the creation of Israel.

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    1 decade ago

    Throughout history, there have been Jews in what is now Israel. That includes the time before WWI. In fact, the area partitioned to the Jews in 1948 originally had a 60% Jewish population. However, there were also plenty of Arab Muslims there too.

    If you want to know about who started the conflict, you should be researching ancient events. The tensions began millenia ago.

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    Israel hadn't existed as a country since about 70AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and burned the Temple.

    In 1948, the United Nations "re-created" Israel as a country.

    Who drew first blood - when?

    Several thousand years ago when Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan and plenty o' blood was spilled, or 1967 when Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, there were settlements prior to World War Two. As for first blood, hard to say for 100%. Both sides had some very militant types who used terrorist type tactics. Once Palistine was partitioned and Israel was established, it was the Arab countries who invaded and thus started the 1948 war.

  • there has always been Jews in Palestine, but, very few and they kept their nose out of Arabic issues, until the U.S. and Britain put so many there in 1946-47 , then they knew they had the backing of they needed from th U,S, and Britain who was giving them arms , money etc, then they were powerful enough they started demanding so much they got the Palestinians pissed, then Meaghan Begen began his terrorist campaign also known as the death squad of going into Palestinians homes and businesses and making ridiculous offers of maybe $5 for their homes or businesses , when they refused he killed them and signed their names on papers and therefore owned their property,then the Arabs tried to organize and fight them , of course the U,S, and Britain wouldn't have such there fore the U,S, gave them fighters and they were manned by American flayers to hold back the Arabs until the Jew's were trained to be pilots and such, then in 1958 the Jew's took Palestine with the help of the U,S, and Britain, they had the most modern and powerful weapons, available, the Arabs had old tanks etc that had been abandoned since ww11,sling shots would have been just as good, Isarel also had nukes that they used in the 6 day war against the Arabs.your question of who shot first??who knows who fired the first officially?

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