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gorillagirl asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

My dog is being horrible! HELP!?!?

I have 2 yorkies. I am a college student and when I leave to go to class for 3 hours every other day I put my yorkies in seperate bathrooms. It's always been fine, but today I'm missing class because she's (the 3 month old yorkie) being horrible. Yelping so so so loud!!! She's never done this and she's done it the last 2 times. My other one is fine. I'm at the end of my rope! I can't keep missing school! Any ideas?? and NO I'm not giving my dog up thats not an option.


I've put the together before and that was a disaster my 10 month old male plays way to rough sometimes. Also, I know she's not in heat, but he still likes to try and hump her...

Update 2:

It's less then 3 hours! I'm not being cruel! Believe me I'm not just thinking of myself. I'm not putting her in a tiny crate cause I think thats cruel. I stay home every other minute of the day! If only you knew how much I loved animals you wouldn't say such cruel things!!!

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    Let her yelp. She does not want to be left alone, and when you stay at home when she does it you are reinforcing the behavior. This yelping will only last a few minutes, then she will stop. Another option is to do it more while you are at home. Put her in there while she can still hear/smell you, so she knows it is not you abandoning her. If she keeps it up while you are around, take a spray bottle and squirt her quickly then close the door. She will outgrow it, but you cannot reward her for her bad behavior.

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    Place the pup in the bathroom from time to time when you are home. It doesn't have to be for long - just one or two minutes occasionally is fine. Other times it can be for ten minutes, or five, or 30. This will help her to learn that being in the bathroom does not mean she is alone. If possible, do use a baby gate instead of closing the door so that she does not feel so isolated.

    Make sure she has something super wonderful to keep her busy whenever she is confined to the bathroom. A Kong toy filled with food, a large rawhide bone, a favorite toy, etc. are all options. This item should not be available to her any other time than when she is confined.

    Reconsider not using the crate. Most dogs are fine with them if they are introduced properly. Because she can see out of the crate (and can't see through a door) she may be less anxious in the crate.

    Finally, make sure you are not always cuddling her and giving her attention when she demands it. I know it's hard to resist her little fluffball face, but she won't be able to handle being alone if she is conditioned to be coddled and getting everything when she wants it.

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    Goodness, three hours is not cruelty for crying out loud.

    I do agree though that you are teaching her that yelping will make you stay. What about a bigger crate? Not a dog carrier, a wire crate with a blanket or one of your used sweatshirts on the bottom. The wire crates come with bottom trays so the dogs aren't lying on the wire mesh - this way she's still able to look around at more than the bathroom.

    Toys are good. They will help keep her pre-occupied. Have you ever tried leaving and just waiting to see if she stops? Do you play the radio for background noise? My neighbour used to leave the TV on for the dog but I don't think they need the picture so much as the sound.

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    Maybe you dog has separation anxiety. If so, here's a VERY simple fix and YES, I have tried this and YES it does work. Wear a t-shirt (one you don't care about) to bed when you go to sleep tonight. When you leave the dog in the kennel (this is better than the bathroom) either put it on the dog or at least in the kennel with the dog. I know this sounds crazy but it works. The dog will be able to smell you and feel like your there with him/her. This will help the dog be alone.

    I did this with my dog (giving her away was not an option for me either). This worked. It will take time. Maybe start off doing this when you run out to get your mail, go to the grocery store, you know short trips. After awhile your dog will not have a problem being alone. My vet tried to get me to drug my dog when I left the house. YEAH! NOT an option! ;)

    OH! I almost forgot! Be sure to leave a few of your dog's favorite treats in the kennel too. This way the dog associates the kennel with something yummy and fun. :)

    Good luck! :)

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    You have to ignore the yelping. If you open the door and let her out when she does it, she is training you. Do not open the door or let her out until she quiets down. Try doing this during days off of class so you can train her it is okay to stay in the bathroom while you are gone and she will get let out. Once she is quiet, let her out and give her a treat. Play with her for a while, then repeat a few times.

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    1 decade ago

    If you're not willing to try these alternatives, I don't know what to say. Have someone babysit. I don't know, college and 2 Yorkies doesn't soud like a good combo. I would suggest getting a toy were you can stuff meat in or something so while you're gone she'll be occupied trying to get they meat out and playing with her toy. It'll keep her occupied for a while and you'll both be happy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i know it sounds mean, but just let her yelp. she just doesnt want you to leave and she's starting to learn if she starts screaming, you come running. my dog is the same way. horrid jackle-like screams the moment you turn your back on her once you put her in the crate. i dont know how long it lasts, but she calms down and falls asleep. she doesnt start screaming when we come home now, she just stares at us like we're saving her. its like a little kid that doesnt want to go to sleep. you have to let her scream it out or else they will never sleep thru the night alone. it sounds mean, but its really best for them. you have to show you're dominate by letting them know you are leaving, and they have to stay where you tell them to. can you leave them lose in the house? i know she's young, so she might not be house broken yet. we tried to put our first dog in the bathroom for a few hours once. she chewed right thru the wall. that was the last time we tried that one. it might be better if you can at least leave them together. humping is natural. its not going to hurt her, and if she really has a problem with it, she will let him know.

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    as far as the humping goes my female dog did it when she was lil its a dominance thing, hes trying to work out if he is about her in the pack, its totally normal and you should probably get then neutered if they arent already, why not? it causes less agression and humping and they will be calmer and at less risk from cancer. The puppies need to play together they are upset that your going away as they see you as pack leader and worry bout you when you leave. leave anyway and they will soon realise that you come back ok and they will accept it, give them toys to occupy them, treat balls are good where you can put some ham or meaty treats in them and they have to work out how to get them out. Alternatively you can employa dog sitter who will walk them and play with them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get the male fixed, pronto! You don't need the puppies. Put the radio on, soothing stuff, not hard rock.

    Got no gates to put up? One locked up in the bathroom. Put gate on the bathroom door, dog can see thru it. You don't say your in a dormitory or where your staying.

    Why you needed the 2nd dog while going to college? Then you bring in a younger female?

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    Can they be put togther they are still puppies and like to have company togther or get a puppy pen and let them stay togther in there maybe that will put a stop to the crying

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