French Grammar ? --"Tu parle tres bien francais" ou "Tu parle francais tres bien"?

I am going to Quebec this weekend and mon francais is rusty. Can someone clarify the correct usage for me? Thanks.
Update: Thanks tina, but doesn't the "r" make it infinitive? That would say "You to speak French very well". I don't think that's it. I just need to figure out whether the qualifier (tres bien) come before or after the subject.
Update 2: Thanks, raman. Wouldn't have remembered to included the article in there. Regarding tu/vous, I will be conversing with someone I know, so "tu" will be appropriate, but good point!
Update 3: Merci, Oxford. "Je parle" et "Tu parles". Forgot that silent "s". More rusty than I thought...
Update 4: Merci, Belinda, je prefere "Ton francais est tres bon".
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