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What are the items needed to dress a boy as a female bharatanatyam dancer?

Please tell what clothes, jewelery and makeup are needed to dress a boy as a female bharatanatyam dancer for halloween?

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    1 decade ago
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    You need silk or silk-like fabric with maybe some gold threads woven through. its not cheap. you might just want to try some silk-look cloth instead. he will need tight leggings made of this. you may want to try wearing girl's leggings. then take a big half circle of the cloth (radius= length from his waist to mid-calf, diameter= length of his arms when he holds them out to his sides). eyeballing and with a chalk, mark the semicircle into 5ths (4 marks). now, take the semicircle to the ironing board and iron (with super starch) a series of tight 1 inch accordion pleats along the whole cloth in a fan shape, starting from the center, like a sun. NOT the overlapping kind you see on school uniforms-- they muct be ACCORDION, and not lie flat to the front of his body. once your pleats are firmly pressed, have your boy put on the black leggings, and pin or sew the cloth (in the center 5th that you marked) onto the waistband. You can add extra pins or sewing below to keep the pleats. then wrap the 2/5 on the left and right halfway around the legs, and pin or sew it in. the top is just a short or long sleeved top of the same textile, with a small pleated 'fan' (like the skirt) pinned open on the chest across the breast (shoulder to shoulder). the 'fans' are often of elaboate material. makeup needed is red heena or kumkum powder, which is not readily availible in USA, so try body paint. you paint the fingertips and around the sole of the foot (yet still visible at standing position) bright red. paint a ring around each toe and finger (a plain ring, after 2nd knuckle for fingers, after 1st for toes) and paint a large, open circle on his palms. this is to accentuate his dance movements. jewellery is maybe sticky nose stud (very large) earrings, many heavy necklaces, many bangles, ankle bells and a bindi (decorative dot on forehead). all jewellery must be very shiny and much gold color. not faceted jewels, mostly enamel. NOT finger or toe rings, besides the painted red ones. if this is not very clear, please email me . good luck.

    Source(s): i am a teacher or indiandance
  • 1 decade ago

    In Africa they use rapper for there waist, and beed for their nack and hand , and also there head, or they use the rapper and sew a small shortnecka and beeds around there neck.

    Source(s): form nigeria in africa.
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    1 decade ago


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