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Is satellite TV getting better?

I tried to have dish network installed a couple of years ago and they said it wouldn't work as we have 2 large trees in our yard and they would block reception. Anyone know if one company over another get's better reception?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are all about the same. The dish size is the only difference. a 20" is better than a 16". If you have trees you are never going to get good, if any signal strength. Satellites require clear line of sight to send signals and trees block this well. Even if you get lucky when setting it up, when the wind moves the branches or snow builds up, or the leaves blossom in spring, your signal is gone. I am not sure where you are but in some areas there are newer means like cell network broadcasting / microwave.

    I find that a lot of people think the dish points directly at the satellite but in reality the signal slightly drops in from above the dishes LMBF receiver. so check to see if you can locate the dish to get a good line of sight.

    One other options is to find a 30" dish. They are usually used up north because of the distance from the satellites that usually orbit near the southern hemisphere. They are a little big but will still blend in to most homes. Good luck!

    Source(s): many years of tinkering with electronics.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this is another nightmare in it self(we have no idea how they stay in business) over ridliciouss cable rates going threw the roof and ripping us off(with dsl too hons) hy gay boyfriends davey and steeviee, we have tried too find a alternative source too high cable rates(not saying we cant afford itt) but they come up with well you got trees in the yard, it may take up too, six weeks, there tech support is so stupidd, the first time we calleed this one, sattelite servicess, they rambled ooon and on look we need your credit card numbers, and this and that without asking us if we even wanted it, and, just semed too, have thee hands out, and wanted too know were and when we were employedd we both have, jobs, and always have, and were rude and downe right snotyy, and says well it may take us up too six weeks, and, do you have any trees on the property without even looking at nothing and if your, service goes out, you cant even get local chanells, and in some cases owe thats extra!! we just hung up and shook our heads!! its a nightmare in it self!

  • 1 decade ago

    My reception is getter better. It used to black out every time there was ant amount of rain or heavy cloud cover, but I was told by customer service that they have recently launched new satelites that will improve reception.

  • ive had em all dish network , comcast, time-warner, and directv.

    without question the best of the bunch was comcast.

    Directc gives you the best overall package, but my problem with satellites is service interupption. They say its minimal, but trust me in this one, it happens often. When it rains, it goes out (dependant on how bad the thundestorm.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes satelitte tvs are allways better than or cable tvs they never go between the pgms or movies i advice u just install because isko laga dalo to life jingalala

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