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Are you able to tell me the requirements of a valid consent and the requirements of informed consent?

Just need some help with the above question.

I definately can't wait for my exams to be over.

*THaNkS LoTs*

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    Informed consent means that the procedure that you are going to have has been explained in detail to you and that any questions that you may have have been answered for you. In the hospital where I work it is the policy that the doctor explains the procedure to the patient, not the nurse/technologist, although the nurse/tech can witness the consent. I am not sure if this is the policy everywhere. For the consent to be valid your name must be in the body of the consent stating that you give permission. The procedure must be written out---not abbreviations. You, the physician and a witness must sign. Only your power of attorney can sign for you. In the case of an emergency two physicians can sign without your signature.

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