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my e-mail account is not working?

my account is currently not working and i have no way of contacting yahoo. please help. thanx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you are talking about the Beta mail account, it has lots of problems and doesn't seem to work on all systems. You may need to switch back.

    To switch from Beta back to original Yahoo! Mail:

    Log out or close the Beta Mail, reopen Beta Mail.

    IMMEDIATELY when you see the “bouncing ball guy”, click the RED X (STOP) at the top of your screen. This prevents the log on from going any further.

    Directly under the "bouncing guy" is a link that says “Trouble Logging In?”. Click it. You will have several options that might help with your problem.

    If not:

    The last option is :

    Switch back to original Yahoo! Mail

    by opting out of Yahoo! Mail Beta

    Select that to switch back to regular mail.

    This is a tricky solution, though. You have to be REAL QUICK on clicking that RED X or the log on process will continue to the error point and may not let you click the "Trouble" link. It took me three tries to get it, myself (but then, I'm old and slow -- lol!).

    Good luck!

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