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Seasons by Peter Dixon

我想要Peter Dixon o既 Seasons

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    Seasons Peter Dixon

    A spring time tale is best they say

    sun shine creeping in to play

    easter tadpoles,beans in jar

    brids in boxes

    brand new cars

    A summer's tale is ringed with flower

    cottage garden,sunny hours

    cotton dreeses

    cooing Doves

    summer sandal , summer loves.

    An autumn you cannot see

    it's not the sort of time for me

    fog and mist

    long dark night

    scoogy scoks

    wooly tights.

    A winter's tale is kissed with wine,

    fogst and suggles

    logs and fires

    carol ,tinsel

    warm deep beds

    Christmas toy and

    sleepy heads

    Source(s): It is my pome for having Speech Festival
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    太家都係參加SPEECH FESTIVAL......




    Seasons by Peter Dixon

    A springtime tale

    is best they say-

    sunshine creeping in to play,

    Easter tadpoles,beans in jars

    birds in boxes

    brand new cars.

    A summer’s tale

    is ringed with flowers

    cottage gardens,sunny hours

    cotton dresses

    cooing doves

    summer sandals

    summer loves.

    An autumn tale you cannot see

    it’s not the sort of time of me-

    fog and mist

    long dark nights

    soggy socks

    woolly tights

    A winter’s tale

    is kissed with wine

    frost and snuggles

    logs and fires


    warm deep beds

    Christmas toys

    and sleepy heads

    Source(s): 自己打....我都係參加左今年SPEECH FESTIVAL.....
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