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急!!急!!急!!~apple bobbing係咩意思呀?T^T

我想問大家apple bobbing係咩意思呀?T^T


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    apple bobbing係halloween玩的一種game。在外國十分受歡迎。

    "Apple bobbing" is played by putting an apple in a large container

    full of water. The apple will float and each contestant (student)

    tries to bite the apple out of the water. It is not as easy as it

    sounds. The fun part of this game is that you will get your hair

    wet in order to get the apple. It is actually a lot of fun! The

    winner gets to keep the apple. Even the ones that weren't able to

    get the apple got a "consolation" prize, guess what, an apple ^_^

    It's all in good fun.

    http://akidsheart.com/holidays/fall/appbob.htm (online的apple bobbing)


    Apple bobbing is traditionally played at Halloween


    Apple bobbing is a game traditionally played on Halloween, 31st October.

    Why not have a go? It's a lot harder than you might thinkHaving a Halloween party? Here's a traditional game you could try - and it's not as easy as it looks.

    Take a large bowl of water (a washing up bowl is good) and in it place a number of apples. Players now have to try to catch one of the apples using only their teeth. The hands must remain behind the back at all times.


    Get ready to bob!A variation is to hang the apples from strings so that they swing about and refuse to be caught.

    The person who catches an apple in the quickest time is the winner.

    Hint - Try to catch the apple by it's stalk.

    There are several possible origins of this game. Most likely it relates to witch bobbing, where a person accused of witchcraft would be tied to a long pole and ducked under water, in a river or pond.

    After some length of time the suspect would be brought back to the surface. If still alive they were declared a witch and burned at the stake. Usually, of course, they drowned and were posthumously declared innocent. Some justice!


    Got one!Another posibility is that the game incorporates several old superstitions.

    Firstly, at Halloween a girl was supposed to be able to glimpse the face of her future husband reflected in a bowl of water, or in a mirror as the clock strikes midnight.

    Second, if she had many suitors and wanted to know which one she should marry, she would take a number of apple pips, name them after her admirers and stick them to her face.

    The last pip to fall off would reveal which suitor was the most suitable husband-to-be!

    The winner of the apple bobbing game is sometimes invited to peel the apple in a single strip as long as they can make it. The length of the strip represents the size of their future fortune.

    Some people like to play the 'nut crack' game on Halloween. Throw a hazelnut into a fire and as you do so, whisper the name of the one you love. If the nut burns quietly then your lover is true to you, but if it crackles or bursts open then all is not well - allegedly!

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    apple bobbing係halloween玩的一種game。外國十分受歡迎。

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    Apple bobbing

    To play thid game, you nood a large bowl of water and some applws. Put the apples in the water so that thay float. Then put your hands behind your back and try to pick up an apple with your teeth.

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