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? asked in 汽車及交通飛機 · 1 decade ago



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thx for the answers

but i have no money now~~~

I am working to save money to buy the ticket.

Update 2:


點解揀peak season 去?? 我番緊學咖,要放假至去到

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    1 decade ago
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    For your reference: CX online, Adelaide HKD 8,210+tax

    19Dec06-24Dec06, 15Feb07-19Feb07, 0day(s)/35day(s)

    You can choose the period abit earlier or later

    such as HKD 5,670+tax

    04Oct06-18Dec06, 25Dec06-01Feb07, 22Feb07-02Apr07, 0day(s)/35day(s)

    HKD 6,160+tax

    02Feb07-14Feb07, 20Feb07-21Feb07, 0day(s)/35day(s)

    However, seats are very tight la. Although Cathay Pacific and Qantas will be the expensive one, Singapore Airlines online fare, 22Dec and return on 4 or 5Jan already cost HKD 10280+tax(of course, you can look for cheaper from travel agents as they might have some allotments)

    SQ865 HKG 18:30 / SIN 22:20; SQ269 SIN 23:50 / ADL 09:05+1

    The best, check with your travel agents to see you can get better deal for it. Otherwise,

    you really have to look for Sydney first and then flight from Sydney to Adelaide as frequent non-stop flights by Cathay Pacific, Qantas Airways and Virgin Atlantic; flights via Singapore(SQ) or Bangkok(TG) to Sydney

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    Keep the above information, check with your travel agents see which one is cheaper and of course YOU CAN GUARANTEE A SEAT. If no chance for Christmas, you have to reserve your New Year ticket la...For such a holiday season as Christmas and New Year, you really have to reserve your seat as earlier as possible. I know some people they redeem free tickets using their mileages half year ago for such holiday period!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    點解要揀peak season先去呀﹖航空公司係靠呢段時間賺錢﹐所以貴就係一定喇﹗唯一辦法就係揾旅行社﹐因為佢地應該會同某D航空公司有contract﹐如果未賣晒既話。下次早D計劃好﹐或者過左一月﹐但未到農歷新年先去啦﹗

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    go to the travel agency it will be much cheaper for buying air ticket.

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  • 1 decade ago

    如果你吾介意轉機可以買 Qantas (澳航) 或 星航,澳航都有 Package, 電話 2737 6769

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually you can book the tickets from the web sites of some travel agents or even some airlines.

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