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呢篇係我篇文...我想睇下..我有冇錯gramma..or有d...careless mistake..


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    Today i am going to talk about ... THE BEST BUY.

    The Best Buy is Canada's fastest-growing specialty sells electronics, personal computers and entertainment software and so on.

    The first Best Buy Canada stores were opened in the fall of 2002, with eight locations in the Greater Toronto Area now...there are 45 chains store in canada..... I was always visits the one located at scarborough town center. There's beside WARMARK

    At the 20th to 22th of Oct.the best shop celebrate the 4 th years with 45 stores across it promote a anniversary sale. Most of the product have a discount off in the Best Buy. All products are divided into the partment of computers . Musics,movies, games, home electronics, Portable Electronics, camera, phones etc. They are seperate different kinds product into a indepentent the customers can find the products easily

    Now.i am going to introduce different kind of product..

    in our class...most of us are the oversea studying student so....laptop is necessary fo us

    ..The Gateway MX1023 laptop is the best choice for the student...

    The sale told me features a breakthrough design offering ultra-light mobility..and weight 1.64 kg...the screen size is 12.1

    lt cost about 699.99..if you buy it in the anniversary sale. it can save about $100 dollars...

    In the Music,movie and game department..there are many popular album and also of..ps1.2.3. x-box but i am looking forward for the DVD of the Monster house which will coming on 24 of Oct....

    I noticed that most teenages are interested in this department and i am one of them

    Some of the furniture always can see in our house. Just like. Televisions..DVD Players & Video Recorders..Digital Cable & Satellitecan be found in..home electronics department.. there are variable of tv and the prices are around$1000-$2000.. sale told me that..most of people are prefer to song and samsung cause they are the famous brand..also.ther are many television showing the pictures are displayed in that department in order to compar the quality by the costomers

    and nowadays..a mp3 player is very normal..the most famous one is i pod mp3 player..every kind of ipod porduct are displayed in the Portable Electronics ..In best buy shop..the new product is ipod nano with different colours .. In the past .i pod nano are only black and white in colour . recently ...there are and also grey. in volour.... other than i pod..there are many kinds of mp3 player. the most cheapest one only cost 49,99 and this is the picture of new i pod nano

    then.. cameras & camcorders is one of the department ..This department is only for the cameras funs to chose the most new model of the digital camera, and also..the camcorder and digital memory card.

    The last one is Phones & Communications..... we can find out the products related with CELL PHONE..Telephones.Batteries. Cell Phone Cases ...normally, people would not go to best buy to buy the cell phone...the reason is the cell phone sold more cheaply in so on . ...and this is ericsson w300 with bluetooth and MP3 player

    There are thousand of products are in best buy but i can not introduce all of them detailly..but if anyone who want to find more information about the products can browse the web site of best and you can select english or franch there ..and also you can have online shopping..

    At last i mention that most of products also with the guarantee we can buy the best in the best buy....

    There are some of the anniversary sales products..I will show for you !!

    Thanks everyone listening !!

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