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2.1. Substrate for fermentation

Beetroot and carrot were purchased from a local store in Belgrade. The juices of beetroot and carrot were prepared by slicing the fresh vegetables, followed by separation of the juice in a juice maker. Subsequently, the juices were pasteurized at 70 °C for 20 min. Brewer’s yeast was collected from Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP-Belgrade). Brewer’s yeast was first debittered with 4% NaCl, washed and then autolysed at 55 °C for 3 h, and finally poured into the pasteurized vegetable juices. The juices, enriched with brewer’s yeast autolysate, were inoculated with 2% of 24-h old inoculum of isolated Lactobacillus acidophilus NCDO1748 that was prepared in MRS broth at of 37 °C and under anaerobic conditions. Initial number of bacteria in inoculated juices was between 105 and 107 CFU/ml, depending on the substrate. The temperature of fermentation was 370 °C, while the duration of fermentation was 8 h. By the lactic acid fermentation the following products were obtained:

Biofermented product 1 – beetroot juice and brewer’s yeast autolysate in a 1:1 ratio, calculated on the dry matter.

Biofermented product 2 – carrot juice and brewer’s yeast autolysate in a 1:1 ratio, calculated on the dry matter.

Biofermented product 3 – mixture of carrot and beetroot juices and brewer’s yeast autolysate in 0.5:0.5:1 ratio, calculated on the dry matter.

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    2.1 。基體為發酵

    甜菜根和紅蘿蔔被購買了從一個地方商店在貝爾格萊德。甜菜根和紅蘿蔔汁液由切準備了新鮮蔬菜, 被汁液的分離跟隨在汁液製作商。隨後, 汁液進行了加熱殺菌在70 .C 20 分鐘。釀酒商的酵母從貝爾格萊德啤酒產業(BIP 貝爾格萊德) 被收集了。釀酒商的酵母首先是debittered 與4% NaCl, 洗滌了和然後autolysed 在55 .C 為3 h, 和最後傾吐了入加熱殺菌的蔬菜汁。汁液, 被豐富與釀酒商的酵母自溶產物, 被接種了與2% 24-h 準備在湯夫人在37 .C 和在絕氧情況下被隔絕的乳酸桿菌屬的老接種物嗜酸性NCDO1748 。細菌的最初的數字在被接種的汁液裡是在105 和107 CFU/ml 之間, 根據基體。溫度發酵是370 .C, 當發酵的期間是8 h 。由乳酸發酵以下產品獲得了:

    Biofermented 產品1 - 甜菜根汁和釀酒商的酵母自溶產物在1:1 比率, 被計算在乾燥物質上。

    Biofermented 產品2 - 紅蘿卜汁和釀酒商的酵母自溶產物在1:1 比率, 被計算在乾燥物質上。

    Biofermented 產品3 - 紅蘿蔔和甜菜根汁混合物和釀酒商的酵母自溶產物在0.5:0.5:1 比率, 被計算在乾燥物質上。

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