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China's biggest bank

A dragon stirs

Oct 12th 2006 | HONG KONG

From The Economist print edition

Investors flock to the world's largest-ever listing, but ICBC reflects China's murkier side as well as its promise

IF A single transaction could sum up the knowns and unknowns surrounding China's red-hot economy, it would be the public offering of ICBC, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The largest of China's large banks and the last of the relatively healthy ones to list on an exchange, it is scheduled to price its shares on October 20th and to begin trading a week later. These dates, normally dry minutiae in a banker's diary, are as eagerly awaited as national holidays in some parts of China.

On October 9th the preliminary prospectus was published like a bestseller, a 600-page door-stop that appeared in the office of every bank and hedge fund in Hong Kong. Anyone with a chequebook had an opinion. The new issue, which will be sold in Hong Kong and Shanghai, will almost certainly beat the record for an initial public offering of $18.4 billion set in 1998 by a Japanese mobile-telecoms operator. If priced near the top of the range (which is likely), the sale will pull in $22 billion, placing ICBC among the ten most highly valued banks in the world, with a market capitalisation close to $130 billion. As a result, it will be a big part of the region's share indices. Bets on ICBC will make, or break, careers.



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    中國最大的銀行 - 引起騷動的龍

    2006 年10月12 日|






    在10月9 日派發的初步招股書像極了暢銷書, 厚厚600頁的招股書在香港每間銀行及對沖基金的辦公室都可以見到。所有手持支票簿的人都考慮認購。這新股將在香港及上海招股,幾乎肯定他可以打破1998年一間日本流動電訊商的184億美元集資紀錄。

    如果訂價接近上限(極有可能), 總集資額將為220億美元, 使中國工商銀行成為全世界資產最大的十大銀行之一,總市值接近1300億美元。因此它將成為佔地區性股票指標比重很大的成份股。






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