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? 4 those who live in los angeles and surrounding areas?

? 4 those who live in los angeles and surrounding areas?

i was looking for audiance work u know the ppl that get paid to sit to watch a live taping of a show. well if any one got some links or contacts where i can go i would love im juss tring to make some quick cash i used to sit in the audiance a few years ago but now i cant seem 2 find any of the contact #'s so iff anyone knows what im talking bout feel free to pass along some info! thank you

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    On Camera Audiences at is one--I get requests for shows all the time. They pay small groups as a fundraiser. Groups watching two tapings are even picked up by bus.

    Newer, less popular shows tend to pay more, as does last minute announcements. Taping during the work/school week pay better than later in the evening when more people are available.

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    i dont know much about that but wow that sounds like a great job! i wanna in! ^_^

  • 1 decade ago is one, but they don't pay you.

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