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Is Rush Limbaugh a disgusting, heartless pig for making fun of Michael J. Fox's parkinsons disease?


I put this Q here tonight just to make a point. The point is, every time a celebrity campaigns for a Democrat, they are treated like the antichrist. But when a celebrity campaigns for a Republican, they are the best thing since sliced bread. And no, I did not mis quote Rush. He plainly said Fox was off his meds or faking it. ( I doubt he was off his meds )

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    Yes, but being a disgusting heartless pig is what Rush is known for.

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    The Parkinson's Reversing Breakthrough?

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    You know the media is really doing good propaganda when you read some of the responses here. It's a real pity that so many are uninformed on this issue.

    The main issue here is that Michael J. Fox deliberately doesn't take his medication when he is promoting political action so that his illness makes a stronger impact for sympathy. So firstly anyone who wonders whether he's acting or really sick is justified in being confused by his behavior. (So Limbaugh was reacting the way anyone would to the hoax portrayed by Fox.)

    Secondly, and more importantly, the issue Fox is talking about isn't even about stem-cell research since that is already legal in Missouri. The issue is about legalizing cloning. So the voters better read the fine print because either Fox is misleading the voters or the Democrats have duped Fox into sponsoring something most find repulsive.

    We're trained to have sympathy for those afflicted with disease, but when they use that disease to create credibility for their political activism, I think we can see through the ruse.

    Sorry, Michael J. Fox, but I no longer have any respect for you as a person or an actor.

    I used to like the guy, now I realize he's deliberately lying to people who pity him and that's wrong.

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    This so out rages me. I actually searched for a question on this so I could vent. Were does Rush get the nerve to even say anything about Michael J. Fox and his disease. Anyone with any back ground “knowledge” knows that stress play’s a high roll in these symptoms. I feel Ruch should be removed from the air. The television community has given him one to many chances. Has this man never suffered from an ill family member

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    Well no, not for that reason, he already was a disgusting, heartless pig before he made made fun of Michael J Fox.

    I do listen to him, and include this sentence only to establish that I have heard the ridicule he has been heaping on Michael J Fox.

    Wasn't he already a pig when he ridiculed people with substance abuse problems for years.

    He is an entertainer, and unfortunately for the USA, some people actually believe he is truthful.

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    I think that Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting heartless pig even before he talked about Micheal J Fox

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    YES!! He should be removed from TV for saying something

    so heartless. I knew someone with Parkinson's & believe me,

    Michael J. Fox is not acting. That whole thing is sin.

    Fox news should at least, put him on some kind of probation.

    Limbaugh's audacity is overwhelming!!

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    No, Michael J. Fox is what you call Limbaugh for putting on the phony act and you are the same for asking the question.

    A great explananation was given by Robert, above. Why don't you all read it? Perhaps you'll learn something and gain a clue.

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    rush blimpbah is easily the most orally flatulent, assinine, insensitive anal pussbubble to ever make money off of a pack of lies.

    He never voted for ronald reagan, but said he did. He sat on his fat a*s doing nothing and collected welfare for 4 years after failing as a LIBERAL disc jockey. He claimed his ANUS was too sore (because of cysts) to go fight in Vietnam. He lambasted drug addicts for years while he was high himself!

    I simply cannot imagine a bigger f*ckhead jerk in the public arena, I honestly don't think that there has ever been one!!

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    You have to be kidding me! What did I miss today? If he seriously made fun of M.J.F., he is a sad person.

    Here is the ad that Rush is referring to. Rush states that Michael is acting or didn't take his medication in this ad. Michael is pro stem cell research in this ad. Rush seems to think that Michael has never "portrayed" symptoms of Parkinson's.

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