What are some creative and unique Halloween costumes?

preferably that I can make from what I already have in my closet

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    First buy two identical masks, then buy one of those large styrofaom balls attach it to a small dowel stick you can find in a craft's dept, put one mask on the ball and one mask on yourself and stick the dowel down the back of your shirt. Wrap a scarf around yourself with your mask and the ball with mask and Suprise a two headed monster. This looks great and won a huge costume contest.

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    Not knowing your age or where your party is, my favorite was my costume last year. I took peppermints (like the kind you get from Sonic) and glued them all over a sweatshirt. Then I glued unopened rubbers among them and even sliced a few of the packages and had the rubbers dangling...I was a condomint!

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    i did this one year .. first i put on a whilt pair of pants and a white shirt then i wrapped myself in white bangages and went as a mummy

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    Go as a hamper od dirty laundry.

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