govt and law畢業的出路 please help

govt and law (HKU)畢業的出路? only a.o. or e.o.?

difficult to study?

g law (HKU) 難入ma?

if cert only 20 marks....with a "B" in chin and eng.


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    AO唔係單1的出路,只不過入得Government and Law,都係有心做官,所以會揀做AO


    因此入得Government and Law,都係有心做官,畢業都會做AO

    當然,好多大型跨國公司都想爭Government and Law的graduate做佢地既MT (Management Trainee)

    好難讀,因為politics同law呢兩科都要英文同logical thinking 好強

    BSocSc(Govt&Laws) curriculum structure

    Year I

    Language courses

    6 creditsLanguage course (Year II)

    3 credits

    PPA courses

    12 credits

    Law courses

    18 credits

    Year II and III

    PPA courses

    At least 54 credits

    Law courses

    75 credits

    Broadening courses (including the course 'Critical thinking and logic')

    9 credits

    Other elective courses

    18 credits

    please refer to

    cert. 成績唔係HKU最concern,不過Government and Law的人通常都好勁,會考廿幾分濕濕碎

    AL通常就都..........無2,3條A或B(尤其係UE 同中化),都未必穩入


    Source(s): My friend in HKU told me
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