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請英高手翻譯 人工翻譯

這是Oedipus the king 中的幾句



1. I speak because I fell the grip of your curse :

the killer is not I. Nor can I point

to him. The one who set us to this search,

Phoebus, should also name the guilty man.

2. I know of no one who sees more of what

Lord Phoebus sees than Lord Tiresias.

My Lord, one might learn brilliantly from him.

3. We're on your knees to you.

4. Look there! there is the man who will convict him!

It's the god's prophet they are leading here,

one gifted with the truth as no one else!

5. Tiresias, master of all omens----

public and secret, in the sky and on the earth----

your mind, if not your eyes, sees how the city

lives with a plague, against which Thebes can find

no Saviour or protector, Lord, but you.

For Phoebus, as the attendants surely told you,

returned this answer to us: liberation

from the disease would never come unless

we learn without a doubt who murdered Laius----

put them to death, or sent them into exile.

Do not begrudge us what you may learn from birds

or any other prophet's path you know!

Care for yourself, the city, care for me,

care for the whole pollution of the dead!

We're in your hands. To do all that he can

to help another is man's help another noblest labor.

6. How terrible to understand and get

no profit from the knowledge! I knew this,

but I forgot, or I had never come.

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