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英文高手請來幫我寫英文 拜託 很急@@ 贈20點

1.which do you like better: opera or musicals?why? you think popular music today reflects the changing times?explain

3.why do you think Broadway musicals have become so popular in Asia

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    1. In fact, I like musicals better. Comparing with musicals, opera seems too formal and difficult to understand. As I know, musicals are created by Americans who are always fond of creative things. I am a creative person, that is way I like musicals. Whenever I enjoy musicals, I feel great and happy all the time.

    2.Yes, I do. Popular music relfects what the people think and act. For example, some pop music would add dialects such as Taiwanese into the lyrics. You must learn at least two types of languages to understand the song. I think multilingual lyrics reflects how and what people think at this age.

    3.First of all, Broadway musicals are qualified and known by pepole around the world. The reasons why those musicals are so popular in Asia are the following:

    Some ads would use the musicals as the background music sometimes.

    Some musicals are used to be sung with new lyrics to express some issues and personal opinions in Taiwan. For example, in 全民大悶鍋(People HOt pot), 九孔 imitates Fei-Xiang (Philips) and sings Cats or memory.

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