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請問各位達人 誰聽過這首歌


誰唱的 叫什麼名字


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    歌名:Dread And The Fugitive Mind 演唱:Megadeth專輯:以下三張都有收錄


    Megadeth - Greatest Hits(2005)歌詞:Let me introduce myself I'm a social disease I've come for your wealth And leave you on your knees No time for feeling sorry I got here on my own I won't ask for mercy I choose to walk alone What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine too If you shake my hand better count your fingers What if I do get caught? What if there is no judgement? If I'm right I lose nothing If you 're right I lose it all I ought to get caught Because I'm doing something wicked I'm guilty haunted by my fears And the only consequences Are dread and the fugitive mind You built walls to protect you So no one will infect you Pursued by those out there That vanish in thin air Come a long way to find What you really left behind You don 't know when the end is But it 's coming fast

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    或是Amazon試聽!雖然都只有30秒 足夠確定就是這首歌了


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