Are all cars top speeds electronically limited?

What about Porsches Ferraris Lamborghinis etc, are their top speeds limited electronically.

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    No, the car has to be equipped with a "governer or a speed control unit, which is put it by a manufacturer typically on non-performance cars for the sole reason so that the car will be cheaper to insure thus attracting buyers. Performance cars especially Ultra High-line Exotics like Lambo's and Ferraris are made for speed, the people who buy them, buy them for speed and saving a few bucks on insurance is not on there agenda.

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    Most new cars that can reach very high speeds will be electronically limited, but still many cars have no limits on speed. Most newer Ferrari's are limited to about 150 - 175. Porsches and lamborghinis, though, are not limited and will run at up to 200+ mph.

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    The answer is yes and no. Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghini in order to go so fast need special suspensions and an extra hydraulic system to redistribute the weight of the car in order to prevent bottoming out on dips and rollover on sharp curves and increase the cost of the car considerably. These cars have no electronically limited speed. You can go as fast as the engine goes. However, other models have the same great rate of acceleration but are held back electronically to a certain speed, I think it's 100 mph, to help prevent inexperienced drivers from losing control on tight turns. These cars don't need the special suspension and the extra hydraulic system which lowers the cost of the car.

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    No - most cars can't even get to the 155mph limit of BMWs, Audis, etc

    BMW, Mercedes and Audi made an agreement to limit the top speeds of their cars to 155mph (250kmph). This was to appease the German government who were threatening to put a speed limit on German Autobahns because too many cars were driving too fast

    The limit is controlled electronically - not by using a governor which is a manual device.

    Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc don't have the agreement, although they sometimes put limits on their cars for safety reasons.

    On certain occasions, the limit is raised. Audi's RS6+ has a limit of 175mph so as to differentiate it from the standard RS6.

    Other manufacturers have installed limits on their cars, but only to appease pressure groups. I believe Subarus are limited to 160 or 165mph for this reason.

    It has nothing to do with suspension or costs or tyre speed ratings. It was simply to allow Germans to drive fast! As good a reason as any I think!

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    Ferrari Car Top Speed

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    Yes, limits are established by the tire speed ratings. The lawyers make sure the company is not on the hook for liabilty by speeding beyond the safe limits of the OEM tires.

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    I get bored reading answers from people who don't have a clue. "Hey, I have NO CLUE, but I guess I'll just go ahead and answer anyway!!!"

    Many vehicles have speed limiters. Usually, they are related to original equipment tire ratings. Many high performance vehicles do not have speed limiters these days.

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    No, several of the newer cars are however. Factory built cars that are readily availible are often speed-governed for saftey reasons. Many of the more expensive cars are not governed in any way.

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    If they are sold in America, YES they are.

    German Porsches are a little different then American Porsches

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    only when they enter the united states are the speeds limited by a governor

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