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Is there a country whose infrastructure is superior to that of the United States, and?

whose roads and towns are superior in construction and visually?

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    There are many countries that have really good infrastructure to include telecommunications, utilities and transportation systems. The U.S. is behind in high speed Internet, fiber optic and cellular communications.

    There are two factors which effectively limit the quality of infrastructure in the U.S.

    1.The country is large in comparison to most making projects cumbersome and expensive.

    2.The U.S. system is privatized and relies on individual investors to put their money up to make infrastructure improvements (except for hi ways). Other countries utilities and communications infrastructure are state owned and funded by taxes which are extremely high compared to the U.S.

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    I suppose that the answer to your first question can be viewed as relative. Germany, for instance, will pay for people to become teachers, must they are held to a long, binding contract. Switzerland has free healthcare, but very high taxes. And as the second question goes, depending on taste of course, San Antonio TX is nice, I'm personally a fan of Anchorage AK.

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    Germany has pretty good infrastructure...good public transit with the trains...also has the autobahn...going through bavaria and just the german country side in general is amazing...also run into really interesting towns throughout Germany..walled cities..castles..old hamlets...pretty sweet

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    Germany's road system ( the Autobahn) for sure... France, UK, and Japan for high speed rail...

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    Just find Europe or Japan on your atlas.

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