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I know the answer to this angle problem...but I don't get why!?

The question: The masure of angle AEC = 2x+7, and the measure of angle BEC = 5x-2. Find measure of angle DEB and FED.

The answer:

measure of angle DEB=57

measure pf angle FED = 33


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    I'm not sure there's enough information here. Are any of the angles complementary or supplementary? Are points A and B on a line segment, where EC is a line segment projecting from it (I'm assuming)?

    If angles AEC and BEC are supplementary (sum equal to 180 degrees), then x = 25 degrees, but that doesn't tell us anything about points D and F, and we need that information as well.

    AEC = 2x + 7

    BEC = 5x - 2

    AEC + BEC = 180 (*if* they're supplementary)

    (2x + 7) + (5x - 2) = 180

    7x + 5 = 180

    7x = 175

    x = 25

    I'm guessing line segment DC intersects line segment AB at point E -- if x = 25 (from my assumption of the supplementary angles), then DEB is thus a congruent angle to AEC, explaining why it's 57 degrees. Consequently, if FED is formed as a complementary angle (sum of 90 degrees) to DEB, then that's why it's 33 degrees.

    These are only guesses, though I'm only assuming I have the correct picture in my head. I hope that helps.

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    Where did you get angle DEB and angle FED?

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    We'll need a picture, cupcake.

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