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what court case deals with the fourth amendemt?

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    Important cases

    Exclusionary Rule

    Weeks v. United States, 232 U.S. 383 (1914)

    Wolf v. Colorado (1949)

    Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)

    United States v. Leon (1984)

    Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole v. Scott (1998)


    Olmstead v. United States (1928)

    Katz v. United States (1967)

    Zurcher v. Stanford Daily (1978)

    United States v. Karo (1984)

    California v. Greenwood (1988)

    Florida v. Riley (1989)

    Kyllo v. United States (2001)

    United States v. White (2003)

    Hudson v. Michigan (2006)

    Probable Cause

    Spinelli v. United States (1969)

    Illinois v. Gates (1983)

    Search Warrants

    Franks v. Delaware (1979)

    Maryland v. Garrison (1987)

    Richards v. Wisconsin (1997)

    Arrest and Search of a Person Without a Warrant

    United States v. Watson (1976)

    United States v. Robinson (1973)

    Whren v. United States (1996)

    Atwater v. City of Lago Vista (2001)

    Tennessee v. Garner (1985)

    Search of and Seizure from a Residence Without a Warrant

    Chimel v. California (1969)

    Vale v. Louisiana (1970)

    Payton v. New York (1980)

    Steagald v. United States (1981)

    Illinois v. McArthur (2001)

    Search and Seizure of Vehicles and Containers Without a Warrant

    South Dakota v. Opperman (1976)

    United States v. Chadwick (1977)

    Arkansas v. Sanders (1979)

    New York v. Belton (1981)

    United States v. Ross (1982)

    California v. Carney (1985)

    Colorado v. Bertine (1987)

    California v. Acevedo (1991)

    Knowles v. Iowa, 525 U.S. 113 (1998)

    Wyoming v. Houghton (1999)

    Stop and Frisk

    Terry v. Ohio (1968)

    Florida v. Royer (1983)

    Michigan v. Long (1983)

    United States v. Place (1983)

    Florida v. J.L. (2000)

    Illinois v. Wardlow (2000)

    United States v. Drayton (2002)

    Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada (2004)

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