I need help really bad! Problems with one of my best friends! Help me please.?

Well I have this friend and ever since this summer me and her have been planning to do a speech together. Well, I joined the speech club she is in. We worked for a long time trying to find a piece to do for our speech, and now my mom wants mt to quit speech class. Mom really wants me to quit, but I dont want to turn on my friend! What do I do? I sent an email to my friend and told her I'm WAY WAYYY sorry I cant do the speech and she sent me an email back telling me she couldnt stop crying and she was really upset. What do I do?????


I forgot to say that I do not want to do speech except for doing the speech with her. Her family is very competitive, and if I do this speech I will have to travel alot to compete

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    Well, you got a tough situation there. Its something inevitable if you allow it, that is in the of your mother's case. I mean you cant really say 'NO' to your mother and that means the last thing to do is break your friend's heart.

    I think you should have or should try to explain to your mother how important that class is to you, if that didnt or does not work, then try to explain to your friend that you are ditching the speech presentation duo intensionally but that you parents are the ones who are forcing you to quit.

    I know the timing is not right in this case and that these whole situation is not fair. But since when did life become fair, If your friend does not understand then she is not a friend because she is now becoming selfish. Crying is a way of releasing the pain within so if she cries, maybe its because she is simply hurt by the way things had to turn out, not that she doesnt understand.

    I dont know if that helps but good luck any way

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    Why does your mom want you to quit speech class? You made a commitment to your friend. Doesn't your mom teach you to honour your commitments? Or are you having difficulty with this commitment, & this is a convienient way to duck out of it? You can blame your mom & then you don't look so bad to your friend. Well now you are disappointing your friend anyway aren't you.

    I don't want to council you to defy your mom's wishes, but I have to wonder if it is really her that wants you to quit.

    If it is truly the case that your mom told you to quit the speech club, then you must do what your mom says. But if you are using her as an excuse to quit because you are having 2nd thoughts about making this speech with your friend, then I say you need to follow through with the commitment that you made to your friend. If you don't you will not only be failing your friend, you will be failing yourself.

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    I think you really do need to ask your Mother just why she wants you to quit the club? It seems like a perfectly laudable thing for a young person to do and unless you haven't told us everything, I think your Mother is being unreasonable - unless it costs her money which she can't afford of course.

    Sit down with Mum and tell her she is causing you and your friend anguish and ask for an explanation as to why she is doing this. If you cannot get anywhere with this approach, I suggest you tell your friend the truth as to why you can't make the speech.

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    Hello....I think you should do the speech with her anyway...

    At least with the writing part of it. I don't know if you have to "speak" with her for the project. But if you could help her write the speech that would be nice. You don't have to let your friend down completely right?

    Maybe tell your Mom you'd like to quit the class after the project with your friend.

    good luck ! !!

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  • Lois
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    confront her tomorrow respectfully and tell her she really hurt you yesterday. Then if she gets defensive say "If you were a true friend, you wouldn't back stab me like that" Don't tell her off because that will make things worse even though it would be totally awesome!!! trust me i been through that! haha. then tell her you miss it when you guys were very close friends ( remind her of some good times ). If she still is acting that rude way just say "well goodbye". If people r talking about you at school don't get held down by their words. Hold you head up high and show them that gossiping is weak. wow... i am sounding like an adult. eeww. i not even 15... gosh this is weird.. but you get my point :) hope everything goes ok

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    Why would you mom want you to quit speech? I think its wrong that you quit something like this when you already made a commitment. You need to talk to your mom, explain that you made this commitment and see what you can figure out with her.

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    Is it something you could help your friend with even if your not officially inviolved, you take your freind out for coffee talk to her, show her that your still there for her, if you CAN you can hlp her with said speech...and hun Im sorry but it is really hard on the other person if you do it through email, see her in person!

  • Sufi
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    Why does your mom want you to quit speech class.

    That sounds unusual. Something else is going on here

    that made your mom want you to quit speech class.

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    Sounds to me as the matter is settled. You sent an e-mail stating you can't do the speech with her, she cried. Send her some flowers and clap your hands red when she finishes "her" speech.

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    well i think you should talk this over with your mom. tell her how you planned this a long time.

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