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How do I reduce anxiety?

How do I reduce anxiety that prevents a restful nights sleep?

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  • EMMA©
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    Don't worry about it!!

  • Stuart
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    Several points are usually recommended, cut out stimulants and depressants close to bed time (caffeine, nicotene, alcohol & drugs).

    Practicing a meditative breathing technique can help (eg pranayama), as can exercise earlier on in the evening. If your body is tired then you will sleep, could be that life is more mentally based at the moment. (Exercise can include a brisk half hour walk every evening)

    Some research suggests that a dessert at the end of an evening meal can aid sleep, in that the sugar aids doziness through seratonin release. Also exercise increases endorphin release. Both of these chemicals have beneficial effects for peace of mind.

    I also prefer not to avoid anything that is making me anxious. If there is anything that can be done I do it. If there is nothing that can be done then I leave it until my input is required again or until I feel it is necessary to chase again (ie not every 5 minutes ;-) ).

    I find that stress and anxiety are never caused by one thing, it will be a combination of factors. If you can remove the smaller/easier to handle situations it will massively reduce your anxiety because the mind will not flick from one to the other.

    I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Biochem degree Meditative studies I sleep better when I exercise regularly
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The obvious answer would be to terminate the source of the anxiety... i.e. to find what is making you anxious and resolve the issue... whatever that may be.

    Of course, sometimes (often) that just isn't possible... and many aspects of life will fall outside of your ability to control.

    In those situations the best thing is simply to change your outlook on the situation. This can be easier said than done sometimes... but the key element is a strong will, and that can be self-fulfilled.

    Imagine a situation that causes you anxiety... and try to identify with its good points. They needn't necessarily be good points for you personally, but try to identify what good comes of the situation. Aside from that, try to identify the limitations of the problem, and possible practical solutions to it.

    If none of that quite does it... then there is the standard last resort that always seems to work for me: Realisation that anxiety solves nothing, and that maintaining a calm and accepting mind-set will make everything better. If you can key into the self-realisation that simply thinking better of the situation will itself improve the situation, then it should be far easier to do so.

    Just smile a little more, even when things seem their worst.

    All aspects of emotion and psyche can be controlled by force of will, and through them... the situations which surround them can be easier to manipulate.

    [Then again... you might find it easier to smoke some weed. I always found that helped as well when I was younger and it was readily available. Not guaranteed (sometimes it makes anxiety worse), but it USUALLY works favourably.]

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    What are you anxious about? If it's something you should worry about then try to think of a solution to it...

    Some tricks I use to beat my insomnia are...

    Hot bath before bed.

    Reading in bed.

    Lavender oil (few drops on pillow).

    Eye mask to keep the old eyes closed.

    Chamomile tea though it tastes bleurgh, maybe hot chocolate instead.

    Do you have an ipod? Get some relaxing 'massage' type tunes on there, you know like the waterfall sounds, waves etc.

    Avoid watching something stimulating on tv or going on internet just before bed.

    There is nothing worse than being awake when everyone else is asleep. Hope you can sort it, good luck = )

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    Sometimes anxiety is caused from unused energy...try some relaxation techniques like listening to tapes, practice deep breathing...inhale for 8-10 counts, then exhale thru the nose slowly, and as you do this, visualize all your anxiety being released into the universe...Also, try some herbal teas that induce sleep, like Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea, try it also with Valerian Root, or try some Melatonin (non narcotic sleep aid) and there may be alot of stress in your life, that you need to resolve. And it is carrying over into your sleep...or lack of. You may need some therapy to help you deal with some things...good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Excersise. This not only stops depression, btu also gives u a good nights sleep. Don't be drinking caffeine drinks, or sugary stuff. A good idea would be to have soem horlix. If thats still not working perhaps u could do some reading in th evening or u could occupy yourself with somethign u enjoy untill u feel like u NEED to sleep. Not only will this help with ur anxiety before going to bed, it'll probably make u so tired, u'll get knocked out. leaving u with no choice but to sleep.

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    Anaerobic exercising, push ups, sit ups, and squats, etc. for about 20 minutes in the evening can help reduce anxiety and helps me sleep through the night. Also doing something nice for someone during the day helps a lot too....

  • 1 decade ago

    Exercise or a really good book.

    They are both tiring, and will reduce anxiety.

    Hope you have a better night tonight.

    Source(s): personal experience
  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    exercise helps with anxiety; here's how: when you exercise, your body releases endorphins (the feel good hormone) which is why exercise helps with depression. these same endorphins that make you feel good (if you've heard of runner's high) also make you not feel anxious. the issue with exercising giving you more energy is different than the issue of the endorphins, and by the way, anxiety doesn't mean you have too much energy, if means that you feel uncomfortable and feel like you need to do something, and if you had more endorphins like from exercising, the anxiety would go down.

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    lie comfortably with no pressure on any one part of body more than another. Close eyes, start at toes and loosen - from them to feet, to calves, thighs and so up your body, arms and shoulders, release tongue from roof of mouth and sink into the bed, take yourself somewhere you love to be, have music in background if that helps. This can be practiced sitting in chair too, try it until it becomes second nature and you will find it certainly helps to create a coping mechanism. I used this with a class of very active juniors - trouble was, some fell asleep there and then!

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    Change the subject in your mind.. if you aren't thinking about it, you have nothing to be anxious about.

    There is another consideration.. emotions of the past have been embedded into the deeper recesses of the mind. They may act as triggers to bring about reactions or responses which are totally from the unconscious level of the mind. You may not understand why the reaction or response but it occurs even as you sleep. There is a possibility we may have a bit of a solution for the problem.. if interested, contact me.

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