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wanting to buy jungle python in australia?

i live in qld australia and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a 8months or younger jungle python within australia, any links or breeders would be a great help.

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  • Wismom
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    Call The australia Zoo in Beerwah.

    Ask to speak to .....

    Deon, Diane,Mick , Rob, Jeremy,Matt, Dave or Bruce

    Mick and I think Dave both are into snakes quite a bit and I think

    Mick is now working with Venomous ones.

    They are all reptile staff and any of them may know of a python breeder that is reputable.

    THey will also know of Python Rescue Programs that may already have Pythons needin homes!

    Good Luck Mate!


    Source(s): Background in Human Medicine, Wildlife Rescue, Conservation, and Waterfowl
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  • 4 years ago

    I have a ball python and its very docile, sometime to much but a good started snake . What ever one you get there are some things to remember. Clean the cage often , snake poop and urine has a very heavy smell of ammonia. Use paper towels to line the cage floor and not wood chips because when you feed them that can eat the chips with there food . Feed them frozen lab raised mice ( thaw them in a glass of hot water ) live mice can make the snake aggressive and handle them often helps them stay used to being handled. NO HOT ROCKS, they can burn the snake. Use a reptile heating pad and glass tank. Large water bowl to keep humidity high to aid in shedding. some one mention shedding problems. a warm water soak will aid in shedding try covering the top of the cage with a wet towel to trap moisture but leave a corner open for some air this will greatly aid in the shedding. I feel that you should not peel your snakes skin, if it does not come off on its own its not ready to do so. they should shed all at one time and if not increase the moisture

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i was reading the laws reguarding reptiles in austrailia .... that must suck so much to have government so up in arms about the subject... i dont know what i would do if i coudent keep my snakes.

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