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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

How to define an "outstanding" teacher? 20分!!!!



100words short writing


題目:How to define an outstanding teacher?

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    I have just completed a 1000 word essay on what is a good teacher, I see if I can summarise it in 100 words.

    Outstanding teachers should care more about their students' learning than their own teaching. They must be patient, friendly, approachable and have the ability to maintain good relationships with their students. Teachers should empathize with their students and do not put too much pressure on them, otherwise, learning will become a kind of anxiety to them. Teachers need to be humorous, entertaining and capable of making their lessons interesting. Moreover, I think teachers need to have good teaching skills and have a good knowledge in their subject. Finally, they should enjoy their job. A happy person produces better work after all. (100)

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is commonly acknowledged that to transmit knowledge is to influence eternity. Passion for teaching, love of research, connection to students, mark a great teacher.

    As we all know "Teacher quality"has become almost as popular a buzzword as "student achievement". The currently popular "silver bullet" solutions to teacher quality aren't working. Teacher quality can't be jump started by top-down mandates, scripted programs, or pay for performance. Nor will teacher quality be generated through NCLB, an association of No Child Left Behind, testing or teacher bashing in the media. Such approaches ignore fundamental issues of resources, teacher leadership, teaching and learning conditions, and the need for much more time for teachers to collaborate, assess student progress, and improve their teaching skills.

    Districts, schools of education, unions, and legislatures all have a role to play in improving teacher quality. The time has come to stop viewing teachers as a problem and instead treat them as professionals deserving of respect, with important insights in how to improve the classroom.

    Source(s): a college student in USA
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    Criteria to be an outstanding teachers:

    1. Passion

    Concern about students affairs

    2. Experience in teaching

    at least more than 5 years

    3. Leadership

    Give advise to students and they are willing to listen to your words

    4. Expertise in particular subject he / her is teacher

    Knowledge update and not using the same teaching technique every year

    5 . examination skills

    Before passing knowledge to students, teachers are also responsible to help students to get high marks / grade in public examination

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