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(法律) an offer and invitation to treat

What is the difference between an offer and invitation to treat?

With this Case reference : if A promise to give $100 as an reward to B for his assistance to buy a lunchbox because of crowdy and cueing. However, A refuse to pay the $100, and say they are good friends, he also help B several times to correct his homework and never ask for money.

What does the law distinguish these two?

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    An invitation to treat is an action inviting other parties to make an offer to form a contract. These actions may sometimes appear to be offers themselves, and the difference can sometimes be difficult to determine. The distinction is important because accepting an offer creates a binding contract while "accepting" an invitation to treat is actually making an offer.

    Advertisements are usually invitations to treat, which allows sellers to refuse to sell products at prices mistakenly marked. Advertisements can also be considered offers in some specific cases. Auctions are sometimes invitations to treat which allows the seller to accept bids and choose which to accept. However, if the seller states that there is no reserve price or the reserve price has been met, the auction will be considered an offer accepted by the highest bidder.

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    an offer and invitation to treat?

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