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Make sentences with the following phrases:

1.to be related to

2.to be removed by

3.to be incorporated into

4.a variety of (n.)

5.to be made of

6.to play an important role in

7.other than

8.(and) vice versa

9.to be considered

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    1.to be related to:

    Kids wants to be related to their teachers.孩子們希望可以與他們的老師心靈相貼。

    2.to be removed by:

    The mark on the handkerchief was removed by the buyer. 手帕上的標籤被買家撕掉了。

    3.to be incorporated into:

    Alaska was incorporated into America after the war. 戰爭之後阿拉斯加被併入美國。

    4.a variety of (n.):

    She can’t marry him for a variety of reasons. 因為許多方面的問題,她不能嫁給他。

    5.to be made of:

    Candy is made of sugar. 糖果是由糖做成的。

    6.to play an important role in:

    President Bush plays an important role in Iraq War. 布希總統在伊拉克戰爭中佔了重要的地位。

    7.other than:

    I can’t finish the task other than slowly. 除非慢慢來,不然我無法完成這項任務。

    8.(and) vice versa:

    We gossip about them and vice versa. 我們說他們的閒話,反之亦然。

    9.to be considered:

    Another option should also be considered. 另一意見也應該列入考慮。


    Source(s): Oxford ESL Dictionary and myself
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