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paper翻譯 (醫學的) 勿用機器~~

Therapies directed at the liver can thus have an

impact on survival in the setting of metastatic CRC.

Numerous cohort studies have shown a survival benefit

for resection of hepatic metastases from CRC. The Registry of Hepatic Metastases collected data from 24

institutions over a 37-year period and determined a

5-year survival rate of 33% after hepatic resection for

CRC metastases. Others have corroborated this with

5-year actuarial survival rates ranging from 28% to

58%. These studies have identified several adverse

prognostic factors in these patients. These include an

initially node-positive CRC,a disease-free interval of less

than 12 months, more than one liver metastasis, any

metastasis greater than 5 cm in size, a carcinoembryonic

antigen (CEA) level greater than 200, and a positive

resection margin.

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    “肝臟轉移資料登錄”在37年內收集24所機構的資料,發現切除結直腸癌的肝臟轉移後,5年存活率為33%。其他研究亦顯示統計出來的五年存活率為28%到58%。這些研究在這些病人中識別出幾個負面的預後因素。這些包括初期的淋巴結直腸癌、少於12個月的無病期、多於一個肝臟轉移、任何轉移的大小均大於 5厘米 、癌胚抗原水平大於200,與及切緣殘留癌。

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