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12. A cell makes a copy of its DNA during the stage of the cell cycle called _______.

13.In a DNA molecule,guanie always pairs with with ________.

14.A cell's nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei during the stage of the cell cycle knows as__________.

15.The final stage of the cell cycle, during which cytoplasm divides, is called________.

16.During cytokinesis in plant cells, a(n)____________forms across the middle of the cell.

17.____________ is the process by which a cell makes an exact copy of the its DNA.

18.The sides of the DNA ladder are made of molecules of deoxyribose and__________.

Short Answer

Use the diagram to answer each question.


3.Centrioles 4.Mitosis=Telophase 5.Mitosis=Metaphase

19.Identify the stages of the cell cucle represented by drawings 1-5.

20.Which drawings represent parts of mitosis?

21.List drawings 1-5 in their correct order, beginning with the drawing that represents interphase,

22.Identify the structure A and describe its function.

23.Identify the structures labeled B.What do these structures contain?

24.Explain what is happening in drawing 4.


25.Define DNA and explain its role in cell replication.謝謝!!

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    12. Prophase

    13. Cytosine

    14. Telophase

    15. Cytokinesis

    16. Cell plate

    17. Replication

    18. Phosphate

    Short Answer: Diagram?

    Essay: 我把重點給你,作文就自己試試看吧。

    DNA: A polymer of nucleotides in the shape of a double helix, the backbone composing of deoxyribose and various phosphate groups.

    - Genetic information is stored by nucleic acids, of which there are two types: DNA (deoxyribonucleuic acid) and RNA (ribonucleuic acid).

    - DNA is found in virtually all living cells.

    - DNA is the only molecule known that is capable of replicating itself (sugars, fats, proteins cannot duplicate themselves) inside cells.

    - When DNA replicates, it permits cell division.

    - DNA provides the directions that guide repair of worn cell parts and construction of new ones.

    - DNA makes up chromosomes, which carry the heredity info of organisms on their genes.

    - When DNA in chromosomes is altered, mutations occur.

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