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      Cheng Cheng-kung (Koxinga) renamed this fort "Mansion Bestowed by Heaven" and made it his center of government after driving out the Dutch. It was abandoned at the time of Chu Yi-kui's rebellion, and soon thereafter damaged by an earthquake. The external wall and the raised terrace were the only remaining parts. The Haishen Temple and the Wenchang Pavilion on the terrace were built during the late 1800's.  Among the most extraordinary historic objects at the Chihkan Tower are the stone turtle tablets bestowed by the Cianlong (Qianlong) Emperor (1736~1796) to General Fu Kang-an. The inscriptions on the turtles commend Fu Kang-an for suppressing the Lin Shuang-wen rebellion. The inscriptions are in parallel Chinese and Manchu, which makes the turtles quite unusual among tablets in Taiwan.

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    先給你簡單的,來自於赤崁樓門票,背面有赤崁樓的園區介紹及中英文簡介!有空再幫你補充:赤崁樓是台南市最著名的古蹟與精神象徵。  西元1653年,中國明永曆7年,荷蘭人在此興建「普羅民遮城」,漢人則以「赤崁樓」、「番仔樓」或「紅毛樓」來稱呼它。  赤崁樓歷經明鄭、清朝,以至日據時期的變遷,至今仍為一座風雅優美、層次豐富的建築。散佈庭園中的各式碑碣、石馬、石駝、技勇石、以及滿漢文並列的九座贔(ㄅ一ˋ)屭(ㄒ一ˋ)御碑,是光復後陸續移入的文物,猶如一座戶外博物館。赤崁樓的夜景,也是值得觀光客前往一遊的勝景。  Chikan Tower is the landmark of Tainan and its most famous historic site. In 1653 the Dutch built "Fort Providentia" in this area, and the Chinese named it "Tower of Savages" or "Tower of Red-haired Barbarians". Chikan Tower is its official name today.   Even though Chikan Tower has survived differint historical periods it retains its rich and graceful architectural aspects. Crammed with various kinds of steles, stone horses, weight lifting rocks, stone weights, and nine stone tortoised carrying royal stele carved in both Chinese and Manchurion, the courtyard looks like an outdoor museun. Chikan Tower is particularly attractive night.

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