what is the name for a stamp collector?

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    Some of us prefer just to be called "stamp collectors." But the fancy name is philatelist, and the major stamp collecting society in the United States is the American Philatelic Society. They have a great website at http://www.stamps.org/

    In some sense "philatelist" is better than "stamp collector," as some philatelists collect pre-stamp letters or free-franked military mail or other items which are philatelic but do not have stamps on them.

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    Stamp Collector

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    Philatelist is correct. Collecting stamps and studying them are not the same, but the word stuck. Just like I am a numismatist, not a coin collector. A numismatist collects coins, but studies and knows the history behind the coins he has and a lot of times, the ones he can't afford. These days anyone that just collects coins, uses the term numismatist. if they collect stamps, a philatelist.

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    Philatelists, BUT!!!!

    collecting Stamps is not the same as Philanthropy which is the study of Stamps (From Wikipedia), so a stamp collector is righly called a Stamp Collector.

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    i call them stampest....

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